How to Organize Embroidery Floss Without Bobbins?

For regular sewing or repairing jobs, you only need a few threads in your sewing box. Only the basic colors of thread are all you need for the most basic kind of jobs around the house.

However, if you want to make embroidery designs, you are going to need a lot of different colors even for the most basic embroidery designs. You might even need several shades of the same color to bring some depth and variety to your designs.

In short, anyone working with embroidery designs, embroidery machines, and electronic embroidery machines will have to deal with a lot of embroidery threads and floss. 

What are Embroidery Floss? 

Embroidery floss is a special kind of thread that is used in creating detailed and intricate embroidery designs.

For manual needlework to create embroidery designs using a computerized embroidery machine, embroidery floss are the most popular and common types of threads used in embroidering. 

For all different types of stitches used in embroidering, i.e. the cross-stitch, the needlepoint stitch, the counted thread stitch, as well as different types of embroidery projects like punch embroidery, crewel or smocking – embroidery floss is the perfect embroidery thread for all the different kinds of embroidery projects. 

Embroidery flosses are available in a variety of colors, usually in glossy threads of 6-strands twisted around each other. They are usually made with linen, polyester, silk and rayon – making the strands silky, soft and glossy. They are usually available in a lot of colors and shades, but in small strands of threads, 

What Are the Different Types of Embroidery Floss? 

The different types of embroidery floss are:

  • Cotton Floss which is the standard floss for most cross stitch embroideries. They are made from mercerized cotton and are very strong, luscious and smooth. 
  • Variegated Floss which is smoother and made from a blend of different shades and colors. These embroidery flosses are usually made from silk, cotton or linen, and the colors change with use and light. 
  • Light effects are made from polyester and they are reflective in nature, and they come in different exotic shades and colors. 
  • Metallic Floss are made from 100% polyester or a poly blend, and they are used to add more metalli qualities to the embroidery. 
  • Pearl Cotton floss are 2-ply strands that give out an unique sheen. 
  • Silk Floss are versatile embroidery threads made from 100% silk and add a special elegance to special embroidery. 

How are Embroidery Floss Organized?

Since there are usually a lot of individual skeins to deal with, they might get tangled together. Also, since these embroidery flosses come in skeins and not thread pools, they also have a higher chance of getting tangled together. 

For these reasons, embroidery floss is usually organized in individual bobbins for easy use. After opening a new skein of embroidery floss, they are wrapped around in empty bobbins to keep them organized.

Individual bobbins are much easier to organize and kept apart, as they can keep the embroidery floss separate and untangled. They can also be kept in separate compartments of a crafting box as they are all small in size. 

However, if bobbins aren’t available for the moment, there are other ways for anyone to organize. 

How Can Embroidery Floss be Organized without Bobbins?

If by any chance you don’t have enough bobbins at hand or if you don’t have any bobbins at all, there are definitely some other effective ways that you can organize your bobbins. 

Here are all the ways that you can organize your embroidery floss without having to use bobbins

  1. Keeping your embroidery floss together can end up in a large tangle you can never get out of. However, if you store them in a binder, the ones that come with elastic ribbons to keep your stuff together. However, with these binders, you can only keep the embroidery skeins when they are intact, i.e. before they have been extracted and winded. 
  1. Another way to store your unopened embroidery floss in by organizing them in a comb binder. With plastic binding comb strips, you can hang as many as a full dozen embroidery floss in a single strip that you can later hang in an open box. Just like with an elastic binder, this is only possible before you’ve opened and winded your embroidery skeins. 
  1. If there are a few particular skeins of embroidery floss that you want to store together, you can keep them together locked in a keychain. Although this isn’t a permanent solution, you can definitely store your embroidery flosses in keychains.
  1. If you’ve already opened and cut through your embroidery skeins, you can store them in braids. By loosely braiding all the embroidery floss, you can keep them from getting tangled. 
  1. If you have a few candle stands or ornament hangers lying around the house, you can simply hang your embroidery floss in them. They are space-saving tools that you can easily keep in your work table. 
  1. Clothespins are also great ways to keep your embroidery flosses separate and untangled. They are easily available everywhere and affordable; you can simply wind your embroidery floss around individual pieces of clothespin just like you’d use a bobbin and keep them separate from each other. 
  1. Instead of buying bobbins, you can simply wind your embroidery floss around a used cork, and then make an opening on the top with a knife to tuck in the open thread. This way, you won’t have to buy bobbins to store your floss but use old corks for the job. 
  1. Cardboard bunnies can be a great way to store your embroidery floss, as well. You’ll just need to cut through the cardboard in shapes of bunnies (or any other fun shape you want to), just wide enough to wrap your embroidery floss around it. It helps if you also make a cut to put through the end part of the thread so that the whole thing stays intact. 
  1. If you have an old-fashioned photo album with pockets, they can be used to put in individual pieces of embroidery floss inside. 
  1. If there’s nothing else you can spare around, you can simply use popsicle sticks to wrap your embroidery floss around them. You can even keep a few dozen of these in a small box for when you need them. 

Even without bobbins, you can find creative and affordable ways to organize your embroidery floss without having to go through a lot of trouble. 

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