Best Weaving Loom: Recommended and Guide in 2021 (Updated!)

Best Weaving Loom

When we think of weaving looms, we are instantly reminded of the large machines that professional weavers used in the past. However, modern and the best weaving looms are more portable, lightweight, and easier to use.

In fact, you can own several pieces of weaving looms and store them in your workroom. Whether you are a professional weaver, an amateur, or simply a hobbyist, weaving has never been so easy before, thanks to the best weaving looms available in the market these days.

However, there are a lot of features and specifications in a weaving loom that you need to understand to invest in your first piece, which you will all get in this article. 

Top 14 Best Weaving Looms

Weaving looms have changed a lot over the years, and some of the top weaving looms in the market come with a lot of specifications and features.

Below, you can find all the details needed for deciding on the best looms for your hobby or your business. 

1. Melissa and Doug Wooden Multi-Craft Weaving Loom 

This is a weaving loom both for adults and children, perfect for a family activity to try with your kids. This weaving loom from Melissa and Doug comes with adjustable wooden looms that promote multiple skill developments.

The entire set comes with oversized wooden needles that make the work easier even for a beginner, as well as the necessary craft materials needed for your first few projects, an illustrated design booklet, and 91 yards of rainbow-colored yarn. 

Not only you, but your kids can also have fun weaving with this weaving loom from Melissa and Doug. For children, this can be an activity that improves their hand-eye coordination and concentration, as well as improves their fine motor skills and encourages their creative expression and self-esteem. 

Besides as a hobby, this weaving loom can also be used by a hobbyist for your amateur projects, as well as for professionals. With an extra-large frame that is 22.75” x 16.5” in size, this weaving loom will encourage less screen time for children and more quality time with their families.

There are a total of four craft projects to choose from so that kids can create fun animal tapestries. Besides, the same weaving loom can be used by adults for their own projects. 

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2. Loopdeloom Weaving Loom

From the extra-large to the mini! This is a small 8.5” x 3” x 3” weaving loom absolutely perfect for smaller projects like mittens, scarves, tablet, and cell phone cases, headbands, pillow covers, small rugs, skirts, cuff bracelets, and potholders. Anything that is up to 7” in width can be weaved with this loom, or even something bigger and longer by connecting two or more projects. 

This small weaving loom can be connected to a larger loom to work on sleeves or extended parts. This weaving loom comes with one spinning peg loom and more than 120 yards of yarn.

Easy to use and portable in size, this can be a great weaving loom to start your hobby or a good addition to your larger weaving looms. 

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3. Harrisville Designs Potholder Loom

Specially designed to weave potholders, this is a small 7” x 7” weaving loom to make 6”x6”  cotton potholders. The weaving loom itself is made from metal with metal hooks all around for quick and easy weaving. This weaving loom comes with a crochet hook and a complete set of instructions. 

For both adults and children, this is a great weaving loom to introduce weaving to children and reduce their screen time. For any children above 6 years old, this can be a great family activity for the whole family to enjoy together. 

Although designed to make cotton potholders that are durable, washable, and long-lasting, this weaving loom can also be used to make anything else that’s square and under 6” x 6” in size. 

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4. Melissa and Doug Wooden Extra-Large Weaving Loom 

This is another weaving loom from Melissa and Doug that’s extra-large in size and perfect for both adults and children.

The set comes with everything kids need for some fun animal weaving project, including the adjustable wooden loom, an oversized wooden needle, an illustrated design booklet, craft materials, and 91 yards of rainbow-colored yarn. 

For children aged 6 and up, a weaving loom is a great way to improve their hand-eye coordination. Productivity and concentration, as well as encourage creativity and self-esteem. Children, and adults, can choose from the four projects included with this weaving loom to work on, 

This weaving loom is extremely easy to use for everyone, especially because it comes with easy-grasp knobs that children can readily use to change the frame and even switch from craft to craft.

With the instructions and the materials that come with this weaving loom, kids can make up to three colorful animal pictures by weaning. 

The weaving loom is a rather large one, with a wooden frame that’s 22.75” in height, 16.5” in width, and 9.5” in depth. For any occasion, it can be a wonderful gift for any of your daily members. 

5. WILLOWDALE 25.2”Hx19.3”W Weaving Loom

The best feature about this weaving loom is that the Willowdale Weaving Loom comes with an adjustable stand that you can alter according to your preferences.

This extra-large weaving loom is 25.2” in height and 19.3” in width, quite larger than most other looms available in the market. 

Although quite big, this is also a great weaving loom for a beginner or a hobbyist and can be the ideal Holiday, birthday, or Christmas gift for all family members.

This is a weaving loom suitable for both adults and children. In children over 6 years, the WILLOWDALE weaving loom promotes multiple necessary skill development, including better hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, creativity, and self-esteem.

This is truly a kid-friendly weaving loom that will help reduce their screen time and make family time more enjoyable. 

In this set, you get all the pieces needed to assemble the 25.2” x 19.3” weaving loom, a wooden stick, a heddle bar, 3 long shuttles, and a wooden comb.

This rather large weaving loom can be used to make tapestries, carpets, mats, and scarves, or any other similar-looking accessories you want to. 

6. MinCHI257 Weaving Loom With Stand

This 23.6” x 21.3” weaving loom from MinCHI257 comes with adjustable stands that you can alter for your comfort. This is also a kid-friendly loom that both kids and adults can use to make their projects.

This set includes the adjustable wooden weaving loom, an oversized wooden needle, and other craft materials

Four craft projects come with this wooden frame to choose from, as well as three colorful animal projects that kids can work on to make tapestries.

In kids aged 6 and over, this is a gift that can promote no-screen playtime, eye-hand coordination, fine motor skill, productivity, and concentration. 

The weaving loom set comes with instructions, a weaving loom frame with all the parts, 2 shed sticks, 1 wooden rod, 1 heddle, 3 shuttles, and 1 wooden comb. 

7. Ashford Weaving Rigid Heddle Loom

Quite different from the most standing weaving looms we see, the Ashford Weaving Loom is both affordable and versatile, but also a quick way to warp and weave.

It is also a portable weaving loom that is lightweight and made from Natural Unfinished Silver Beech Hardwood, which makes it durable and long-lasting.

This weaving loom set includes a Reed Nylon 7.5 dpi, a 22” natural shuttle and a 30” natural shuttle, a step-by-step instruction booklet, a warping peg, a clamp, and a threading booklet. 

8. Vinsisty 27.6”x19.7” Weaving Loom

This standing weaving loom is relatively larger than most other portable looms in the market, measuring at 27.6” x 19.7”. Although a large one, this weaving loom can be used by both adults and children over 6 years of age, as well as both for professionals and hobbyists. 

Made from hard maple, this weaving loom can be used to weave tapestries, carpets, mats, large potholders, scarves, and more. By using the loom as a standing art easel, the Vinsisty Weaving Loom can be used for making hands-on and creative play experiences. 

The set comes with detailed instructions that can help you to convert the weaving loom into a braiding machine kit. Assembling the weaving loom kit is quite easy and any project can be started instantly once assembly is complete.

In this set from Vinsisty, you get – besides the ready-to-assemble frames for the weaving loom, two shed sticks, one wooden rod, one heddle, three shuttles, and one weaving stick.

9. PREBOX 7” Weaving Loom Kit for Kids and Adults 

A great thing about the PREBOX Weaving Loom Kit is that the whole thing comes into its own box that you can use both for storage and for carrying. The weaving loom can be used to easily make 6” x 6” potholders or similar items under 7” in length and breadth.

Both adults and children can make creative potholders with this weaving loom easily at home by themselves, or as a family activity. Not just potholders, the PREBOX weaving loom can also be used to make ear straps, coin bags or coin purses, hairbands, or even coasters for the table. 

Only acrylic fiber should be used with this weaving loom, and the fiber can withstand up to 302-degrees of heat. This set comes with a plastic 7” x 7” weaving loom, a needle, a crochet hook, 8 different colors of acrylic yarn, one piece of yarn for sewing, and one design booklet  – everything you or your children are going to need for your first few weaving projects.

The design and the instruction booklets are quite easy to follow and to create any creative designs. 

10. Beka 20” Weaving Loom with Stand 

A medium-sized weaving stand that’s 20” in height and 23” in width, this weaving loom from Beka is made from hard maple. The loom is sturdy and durable and can keep your yarn in place at all times.

This weaving loom comes with an adjustable stand that you can adjust according to your preferences and comfort. Made in the USA, the weaving loom comes in parts but can be easily assembled at home with all the pieces that come with the loom. 

This weaving loom is absolutely perfect for beginners, amateurs, hobbyists, and professionals. Anything that is under 20” in length can be weaved easily in this loom, including scarves, tapestries, coasters, potholders, and more. 

This weaving loom from Beka comes with a complete set of instructions, weaving needles, and a stick shuttle, as well as all the pieces needed for assembling the weaving loom. 

11. Ashford Weaving Rigid Heddle Loom

This is not a standing loom, but a rigid Heddle Loom from Ashford that is 24¼”  in length and 20” in width, as well as 5” in height. With this weaving loom made from natural unfinished silver beech hardwood, you can easily weave any projects that are under 16” in width, including scarves, tapestries, potholders, cushion covers and pillow covers, coasters and more. 

This set includes a Nylon Reed 7.5 dpi, an instruction manual, a warping peg, two 14” natural shuttles, a threading hook, and a clamp.

Although the loom doesn’t come assembled, the instruction manual makes it very easy to assemble and use the weaving loom. Besides the natural 7.5 dpi reed, other optional reeds that can also be used in this loom are 2.5, 5, 10, 12.5, and 15 dpi.

This is a small and portable loom that is perfect for small spaces, work tables, desks, and for carrying around with you. 

12. Colorations RLOOM Beginners Wooden Loom 

Specially designed for children’s art and craft projects, this is a set of 12 weaving looms that measures 6” x 9” x ⅛”. The set also comes with detailed instructions of how they can be used as well as detailed history about weaving and looms.

Although no weaving materials or yarns come with this set, these weaving looms are compatible with most weaving yarns and fibers.  

This single set contains 12 pieces of individual weaving looms, which makes it perfect for class activities, school, crafting classes, birthday parties, sleepovers, or playdates.

These sets encourage the creativity and problem-solving qualities of children, as well as improve their finger dexterity, motor skills, and concentration.

Different materials can be used for weaving with these simple weaving looms, including feathers, ribbons, grasses, leaves, vines, construction paper, random strips of fabric, plastic lacing, yarn, and paper raffia. 

13. Ashford Samplelt Weaving Loom 

This particular weaving loom from Ashford – the Ashford Samplelt – is 18½” in length, 13½” in width, and 5” in-depth, and can be used to make anything that’s under 10” in width.

The particular design of the loom encourages creating long and medium-width accessories including scarves and tapestries but can be also used to make other projects. 

The loom is made from solid natural Silver Beech Timber, making it durable and sturdy. With this weaving loom, the user can experiment on different rigid heddle patterns easily.

Fun to play with and easy to use, this is a great investment in a beginner’s weaving loom or as an addition to your workroom. 

14. FAO SCHWARZ Kids Weaving Loom Set

This is a fun little weaving loom set for children aged 4 and up, and a perfect way for them to spend some enjoyable time in family activity.

It comes with a mini weaving loom that is 2.5” x 9.6” x 8.9” in dimension and can be used to make tapestries, scarves, hats, potholders, placemats, and more. 

The set comes with everything you are going to need to assemble the loom and start your very first weaving projects. The design resembles that of a traditional loom used for centuries, but which is also easy to use, even for children who are older than 4.

In this set, you can find one fully assembled wooden weaving loom, 3 wooden shuttles, a booklet of simple instructions, and 4 bundles of colored string.

The different colored strings are just enough to make into individual pot holders or to combine together to make into a scarf.  

15. CYCHIRV Wooden Weaving Loom Kit 

Not just the weaving loom, but this is a complete set of weaving loom from CYCHIRV that comes with a wooden loom, a shuttle, a heald rod, a comb, a roll of nylon rope, and a booklet of instructions.

This is a perfect weaving loom for a beginner or for children, easy enough to use but can be used to work on complicated and professional-looking projects.  

This is a simple weaving loom, but it can be used to make brocades, tapestries, and wall hangings. Using this traditional weaving loom can encourage proper hand-eye coordination in children, and improve their concentration and patience. 

Extremely well made from purely natural wood material, this weaving loom comes with easy-to-grasp knobs easy for both children and adults to switch their frames, and also for them to switch from one craft to another. 

This weaving loom from CYCHIRV comes with a heddle bar that you can use to control your loom’s tension and warp. Both the position of the warp bar at the top and the bottom can be controlled by using metal nods that are present on the sides. 

Both large and smaller items and accessories can be made using this weaving loom, including wall hangings, phone cases, handbags and coin purses, eyeglass cases, or even a long scarf by joining small pieces of weaves together with thread.

The entire loom is easy to use by following the instructions and doesn’t take a lot of time to complete. 

Factors to Consider While Buying the Best Weaving Loom

The traditional and massive weaving looms are a thing of the past, not used by anyone but the absolute professionals and factories.

Smaller and more portable weaving looms can be used to make scarves, tapestries, wall hangings, mittens and hats at home, even as a beginner. 

Most of the weaving looms included in this list are easy to use and perfect for both beginners and children. Still, there are some particular features that should be present in a weaving loom for it to be a fun activity or the whole family. 

  1. Size 
  2. Of course, the size of the weaving loom itself isn’t very important in this context. What’s important is the size of the product that can be made with the loom. 

Some weaving looms are comparatively large and can be used to weave full-fledged wall hangings, tapestries, and scarves for adults. The Melissa and Doug Wooden Multi-Craft Weaving Loom, for example, has an extra-large and wide frame that is 22.75” x 16.5” in size.

This weaving loom can be used to make large wall hangings and tapestries and is more suited for adult users. The WILLOWDALE 25.2”Hx19.3”W Weaving Loom too is a large-sized weaving loom, as is the MinCHI257 Weaving Loom With Stand with a dimension of 23.6” x 21.3”.  

On the other hand, there is a lot of smaller weaving looms that can be used only to weave smaller projects, i.e. potholders, phone cases, coasters, etc.

These are also weaving loom kits that children can use easily to create their own creative projects, such as the PREBOX 7” Weaving Loom Kit for Kids and Adults that can be used to make small projects under 6” in length and width.

The Loopdeloom Weaving Loom kit can also be used to make mittens, tablet cases and phone cases, headbands, and small scarves under 7” in width. 

  1. Targeted Age and Experience 

Of all the weaving looms and kits in the list above, most of them are targeted towards both children and adults, as well as both beginners and experienced weavers. 

Some weaving kits and looms are especially targeted towards children with little or no experience, mainly as a party or family activity, i.e. the  Colorations RLOOM Beginners Wooden Loom which is a kit of 12 individual looms for sleepovers, birthday parties, or class activity.

This is a kit targeted solely towards children aged 4 and above. It’s the same with the Harrisville Designs Potholder Loom whose targeted users are children aged 6 and above. 

Alternatively, some weaving looms are both large and complicated enough for adults to use their experience and skill at. The WILLOWDALE 25.2”Hx19.3” W Weaving Loom is quite large and more comfortable for adults to use, although it can also be a family activity. 

3. Use and Versatility 

Most portable and small weaving looms are more suitable for making smaller personal items, such as potholders, phone cases, tablet cases, coin purses, handbags, coasters, or hair bands.

Both adults and children can use them, but these looms can mostly be used to make smaller items, not large tapestries and wall hangings. The Harrisville Designs Potholder Loom, for example, can be used only to make small items like potholders and coasters. 

The bigger looms, on the other hand, can be used to make large and lengthy tapestries and wall hangings, as well as scarfs for adults. 

  1. Structure 

There are mostly two types of structures that we see in the market: standing and a rigid heddle. 

The standing weaving looms usually come with an adjustable stand so that they can be reclined at the angle that’s most comfortable to the user.

These kinds of standing looms can be used both by standing up or sitting down, although the higher ones – if placed on a table – might require the user to stay standing to work, at least, at the beginning of the project. 

The rigid heddle weaving looms are relatively smaller, and they are kept lying on a sturdy and flat surface. They also require the user to work standing over the loom, as these rigid heddle looms are usually flat on a surface when working with them. 

The two different types of weaving looms are different because of the various designs they can create. Besides, the user’s level of comfort while working with them is also important to choose from the two types of weaving looms. This is a feature that should be kept in mind when choosing a weaving loom or a kit. 

  1. Other Tools and Equipments 

While weaving looms are fairly simple mechanical machines, some extra tools and equipment are sometimes needed to work with them.

These are usually available when purchasing a weaving loom kit, like the CYCHIRV Wooden Weaving Loom Kit that comes with a wooden loom, a shuttle, a heald rod, a comb, a roll of nylon rope, and a booklet of instructions.

Similarly, some kits also come with enough fiber or yarn for a few initial projects, like the Melissa and Doug Wooden Extra-Large Weaving Loom that comes with 91 yards of rainbow-colored yarn. 

Most weaving looms and kits available in the market, despite their appearance and brand, are essentially the same products. However, these are some of the factors that should be kept in mind when choosing a weaving loom for yourself, for a gift, or for your children as a family activity. 

How Much Does a Weaving Loom Cost? 

The price of weaving looms depends on their size, their versatility, speed, their type, and their brand. 

While the larger, more traditional weaving looms that only professionals and experienced weavers use can cost up to $4,000 or $5,000, the smaller and portable ones start from $30 per set.

Depending on the exclusivity of the brand, the larger but portable looms can go up to $100, but the ones designed for children or for a hobbyist don’t cost more than $50. 

Since the traditional and large looms can be used to weave tapestries and expensive scarves, they are used by experts to make professional-grade products.

They are also the most expensive ones since they are usually owned by businesses and companies. The smaller ones that are used by amateurs and beginners can be bought for around $30 to $50 to make smaller items, but are also durable and quite impressive in build. 

Can You Make Your Own Weaving Loom? 

If you are handy with carpentry and have a few extra pieces of timber lying around, it wouldn’t be too hard to make a DIY weaving loom at home.

The whole production might require around $20 in expenditure, while a similar-looking weaving loom can be bought for around $40 or $50 from the market.

Of course, if you have all the tools and extra wood lying around, the production cost might be next to nothing.

To make a DIY 24” x 36” standing weaving loom, the following materials, supplies, and tools would be needed: 

  • A 6-feet long Pine board or any other kind of durable wood 
  • A 8-feet long pine board or any other kind of durable wood 
  • A few 1” long finishing nails or similar looking panel board nails 
  • Eight pieces of 1.5” screws 
  • A ruler or tape for measurement 
  • A hammer 
  • A drill machine 
  • A few 2” middle hinges 
  • Four pieces of eye screws
  • A thick chain 
  • Wire Cutters 

If all these materials and tools are already present in your workshop, you can make a DIY weaving loom for nothing instead of paying $40 or $50 for a store-bought one. However, to buy all the materials (minus the tools), you might need around $15 in any store. 

Therefore, it is very much possible, and more affordable, to make a weaving loom by yourself if you already have carpentry skills. 

What is the difference between a Rigid Heddle Loom and a Knitters Loom?

The main difference between a Rigid Heddle Loom and a Knitters Loom is that Knitters Looms come completely assembled. At the same time, a Rigid Heddle Loom comes in pieces in a box and needs to be assembled by the user.

The end result might not show this if the assembly is done perfectly, but a rigid heddle loom needs to be assembled from pieces before it is used. 

Another difference between these two types of looms is that Rigid Heddle weaving looms are available in 20 cm, 40 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm, and 120 cm widths, while the Knitters Looms are only available in  30 cm, 50 cm, and 70 cm widths. Again, this is not a difference that everyone will understand. 

Finally, a Knitters Loom can be folded and stored easily, but also easily transported to and from class. You can also take it with you on your holiday in your luggage. This is not the case with Rigid Heddle weaving looms. 

Knitters looms are also a little more expensive than rigid heddle looms as they come assembled and ready to use. Knitters looms can be used as soon as they are taken out of their boxes while Rigid Heddle looms need to be assembled and then used. 


These days, weaving looms aren’t something that only professionals use to make marketable scarves, tapestries, or other accessories.

Because of the portable and smaller weaving looms and weaving loom kits available in the market, anyone can make scarves, hats, mittens, coin purses, and potholders for themselves, even children and absolute beginners. 

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