Best Spray Starch: Recommendations and Buying Guide 2021

Before ironing your clothes, the best spray starch will keep your clothes crisp and structured, so that you can iron them easily. Not just for the ease of ironing, but the right starch will keep your clothes from wrinkling and soiling. 

It is very important that you use the best spray starch for your clothes, whether you are working with them or simply because you want your clothes to look the best while wearing them.

Using just the right amount of the right spray starch will create a transparent coating on your clothes and hold the natural fibers in place while you are using the fabric.

If you are a quilter, crafter, or tailor, or if you work with any kind of fabric, these best spray starches are definitely something you’ll need in your work. 

In this product review article, you can find all the information needed to find the best spray starch for your fabrics and clothes. 

Top 7 Spray Starchs To Buy in 2021

Here are the eight best spray starch that you might find in the market for your fabrics. 

1. Niagara 22 oz. 2-PAck Spray Starch 

Completely transparent and safe to use, this is a 2-pack spray starch from Niagara that has 22 ounces of liquid starch in each bottle. The starch in these bottles keeps your iron clean even when you use starch regularly.

The spray starch also allows you to iron your clothes without leaving behind any kind of wrinkles, flakes or marks.

Even when you’ve accidentally applied a lot of spray starch to your fabrics, ironing wouldn’t harm your clothes or even leave any dark marks behind. 

After using this spray starch, there will be no drag left behind on your fabrics, and no sticking. The starch is clear and non-sticky and will immediately disappear on your fabrics prior to ironing.

Your garment and fabric will be completely fresh and wrinkle-free after ironing, as well as without any kind of stiffness that regular or homemade starch can present. 

At a very affordable price, this is a 2-pack set of spray starch that makes ironing easier and faster, as well as stabilizes your fabric, flattens uncomfortable seams, and sharpens all the points of your clothing.

This spray also neutralizes any unwanted odor from your clothes and gives them all a fresh, laundered smell. 


  • 2-pack set at an affordable price 
  • 22 ounces of liquid starch in every bottle 
  • Keeps iron clean after every and repeat use 
  • Doesn’t leave behind any kind of wrinkles , flakes or dark marks
  • No drag left behind on fabrics
  • Absolutely no stickiness and no hard stiffness 
  • Makes ironing easier and faster
  • Stabilizes fabric, flattens uncomfortable seams and sharpens all the important points
  • Neutralizes any unwanted odor from clothes

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2. Mary Ellen Products Spray Starch 

For the occasional user, this is a 16-ounce spray starch bottle from Mary Ellen Products that is environment-friendly and safe for your skin.

Even when used on dark products, this starch won’t leave behind any kind of dark marks or layers; the leftover starch on your fabric won’t attract any bugs or leave behind any unwanted odor. 

This is a clear and transparent starch that also has a non-clogging feature. It easily relaxes any kind of stubborn wrinkles on your fabrics so that you can easily iron your clothes.

The 16-ounce spray bottle comes with its own spray nozzle and you can keep on filling up the bottle from the more affordable smaller bottles of the same brand that are available in the market. 


  • Affordable 16-ounce spray starch bottle
  • Comes with a spray nozzle 
  • Environment-friendly and safe for your skin
  • Won’t leave behind any kind of dark marks
  • Won’t leave any white marks on dark fabrics 
  • Won’t attract any bugs 
  • Won’t leave behind any unwanted odor
  • Clear and transparent starch 
  • Non-clogging feature
  • Relaxes any kind of stubborn wrinkles on fabrics

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3. Faultless Premium Luxe Spray Starch 

If you are a regular user, a professional quilter or crafter, or even someone who likes their clothes to be faultlessly crisp and wrinkle-free, this is a great 4-pack set of premium spray starch from Faultless for you.

Each bottle in this 4-pack set holds 20-ounces of spray starch, making the entire set just enough to at least last a few months. 

Absolutely perfect to make your ironing easier and faster, and to make your ironed clothes look as fresh and crisp as brand new, this set of spray starch is an essential product for regular and professional work.

The completely non-stick spray starch won’t stick to your fabric, or leave behind any dark marks, wrinkles or drags.

Any iron will effortlessly glide over your fabric after using this spray starch on them, leaving behind a crisp and wrinkle-free piece of fabric without any flakes, bumps and marks.

This spray starch is completely environment-friendly and safe for the skin. They can be used on any color and on most fabric types; each bottle comes with its own nozzle and cap, so there’s no need to refill or change bottles. 


  •  4-pack set of premium spray starch
  • Each bottle holds 20-ounces of spray starch
  • Makes ironing easier and faster
  • Completely non-sticky spray starch
  • Doesn’t leave behind any dark or white marks, wrinkles, clogs or drags
  • Doesn’t leave behind any flakes or bumps
  • Environment-friendly and safe for the skin
  • Can be used on any color and on most fabric types
  • Each bottle comes with its own nozzle and cap

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4. London Laundry Ironing and Sizing Spray

Both for keeping your fabrics crisp and wrinkle-free and for understanding the true size of your fabric, this is an unscented and effective spray starch from London Laundry.

This spray will leave your fabrics crisp and fresh, without making them stiff and uncomfortable. The London Laundry starch spray will also make your clothes look brand new and take away all the wrinkles from them. 

This is a great spray for quilters and crafters, especially when you need to keep your quilting pieces straight and sturdy.

This is a non-aerosol spray that won’t create any kind of clogging on your fabric. This spray starch is also fragrance-free and doesn’t contain any traces of perfume or dyes. 


  • Large 32-ounce spray starch bottle with nozzle 
  • Perfect for regular uses, quilters and crafters 
  • Unscented and free from any fragrance 
  • Contains no dye or perfume 
  • Keeps quilting squares straight and crisp 
  • Doesn’t make fabric stiff or uncomfortable 
  • Takes away wrinkles and bulges from fabric 
  • Non-aerosol spray that doesn’t clog 

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5. Oxford & Wells Premium Ironing Spray Starch 

This is a pack of 3 spray bottles of spray starch, each only 4 ounces in weight. They provide a medium-level hold on your fabric and give your clothes a very fresh and clean feeling.

This is a non-aerosol spray made with natural starch and no polluting propellants. The spray wasn’t tested on animals and is completely safe for use around children and pets. 

This spray is scientifically engineered so that it can provide the perfect finish on the fabric you are using for your craft.

The spray starch will not flake, spot, or streak on your fabric; you can use this spray on any fabric that’s washable and all traces of the spray will simply disappear.

However, this spray shouldn’t be used on fabrics that need to be dry cleaned only. 


  • 3-pack bottle of spray starch 
  • Each bottle contains 4 ounces 
  • Provides a medium-level hold on your fabric
  • Can be washed away with water 
  • Give your clothes a very fresh and clean feeling
  • Non-aerosol spray made with natural starch
  • Not tested on animals
  • Completely safe for use around children and pets
  • Scientifically engineered to give your fabric a perfect finish 
  • Will not flake, spot or streak on your fabric
  • Can be used on all washable clothes 

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6. Easy-On Laundry Starch

For keeping your clothes and fabric pieces crisp and straight for ironing, this is a great spray-on laundry starch from Easy-On. It comes in a 20-ounce bottle with its own cap and nozzle and can be a great help for ironing.

It gives your clothes a professional and fresh look and makes them easy to iron. Using this laundry starch will also give your clothes a freshly laundered linen scent, even after ironing. 

The Easy-on LAundry Starch can be used on most fabric types, including linen, cotton, rayon, wool, triacetate, and viscous. 


  • 20 ounce single bottle pack 
  • Gives clothes a crisp and professional look
  • Will give clothes a freshly laundered linen scent
  • Can be used on most fabric types
  • Makes ironing easier and faster 

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6. Niagara Liquid Starch Iron Spray 

This is another set of liquid starch from the Niagara Store, a set of 4 bottles of starch with 20 ounces of spray starch in each bottle.

This is a non-flaky and non-clogging liquid spray that creates an invisible and transparent layer of starch on your fabric, making it straight and crisp.

The Niagara liquid starch spray makes it easy for the iron to glide over the fabric when ironing. Made from biodegradable formula with added lavender scent, this spray starch will add a pleasant scent to your clothes. 

There will be no flakes or stains on your fabric after applying this spray starch, even after applying a large amount of it.

The original hold formula of the starch will create a wrinkle-free surface on your fabric that will hold even after wearing the clothes, or even when you’re using the fabric to sew or quilt.

This is an aerosol fabric spray that gives your clothes a crisp body without any uncomfortable stiffness. Your clothes will smell nice and feel comfortable all day long. 


  • Set of 4 bottles of spray starch 
  • Each bottle contains 20 ounces of spray starch 
  • Non-flaky and non-clogging liquid spray starch 
  • Creates an invisible and transparent layer on fabrics 
  • Makes ironing easy and fast 
  • Made from biodegradable formula 
  • Comes with added lavender scent
  • Leaves no flakes or stains on fabric
  • Creates a long-lasting wrinkle-free surface on fabric
  • Gives clothes a crisp body without any uncomfortable stiffness

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7. Mary Ellen Products Best Press Spray Starch 

With a mesmerizing tea rose scent, this is a large jar of spray starch from Mary Ellen Products that come in a container of 128 ounces, or 1 full gallon.

Instead of a nozzle spray or a spray bottle, this product comes in a container that you’ll have to transfer to another bottle to spray on our fabrics.

This spray starch is non-clogging and non-flaking, even when used on darker-colored fabrics. It will not leave any kind of marks or stains on your clothes before or after ironing. 

The best feature of the Mary Ellen Best Press Spray Starch is that it gives your clothes and fabrics a beautiful tea rose scent hours after you’re done spaying and ironing.

At the same time, it relaxes stubborn wrinkles on your clothes and keeps them feeling comfortable all day long. The smell is fresh and enjoyable and doesn’t attract any bugs to the fabrics. 


  • Comes in a large one-gallon container, i.e. 128 ounces 
  • Needs to be transferred to a spray bottle to use 
  • Non-clogging and non-flaking liquid spray 
  • Can be used on all colored fabrics without leaving marks or stains 
  • Gives clothes and fabrics a beautiful tea rose scent for hours 
  • Relaxes stubborn wrinkles
  • Doesn’t attract any bugs to the fabrics

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Factors to Consider While Buying Spray Starch

Most of the spray starches available in the market offer similar features and qualifications. All the spray starch brands listed and described in this article are also some of the most popular ones that you’ll be able to find anywhere.

However, it is still important that you look for some special features in the product that you choose for yourself. 

  1. Quantity 

Quantity is only important when you don’t want to order bottles of spray starch every week, but prefer to order them in bulk.

If you are a regular user, you’ll need more than just a few ounces every week; on the other hand, if you use starch in your quilting, sewing, or crafting, you’ll need much more than a few ounces weekly. 

When it comes to the quantity, there are quite some options in spray starch brands. The Mary Ellen Products Best Press Spray Starch, for example, comes in a one-gallon container, suitable for heavy users.

For regular users, the Niagara Liquid Starch Iron Spray is a 4-pack set that is more suitable for occasional use. Each of these bottles contains 20 ounces of spray starch. 

  1. Convenience 

Convenience refers to how easy it is to use these spray starches on your clothes. These liquids and non-aerosol sprays become convenient when they come with their own nozzles or spray mechanism, which is something you can find in most brands.

When spray starches come in ready-to-use spray bottles, you won’t have to transfer them to your personal spray bottles. 

Only the Mary Ellen Products Best Press Spray Starch comes in a large one-gallon container with no nozzle and needs to be transferred to a smaller spray bottle to be used. 

  1. Versatility 

All the brands of spray starch mentioned in this article are suitable for most fabric types and colors, including both light- and dark-colored clothes.

They don’t leave any kind of marks or stains when used in light or dark fabrics, which is an important feature to be noted.

Besides, it is also important that the brand you choose can be used on all fabric types, including linen, cotton, viscos, rayon and wool. 

  1. Use

Spray starch is applied to clothes and fabrics for a few important reasons: 

  • To remove all traces of wrinkles from the fabric 
  • To give the fabric a freshly laundered look and clean
  • To make them smell fresher and better
  • To make them comfortable to wear 
  • To keep them straight while sewing or quilting 

Most of the brands maintain these features in their products, but it is important to make a note of it.

The Oxford & Wells Premium Ironing Spray Starch, for example, only keeps a medium-level hold on your clothes that’s temporary. This particular spray starch is used when working on quilting squares or crafts and can be later washed away. 

  1. Added Scent 

A lot of users love the special scents that come with spray starches, especially when used on clothes they wear regularly.

The Easy-On Laundry Starch gives a fresh linen scent which is a popular scent among users, but the Niagara Liquid Starch Iron Spray also has a popular lavender scent that lingers on the clothes for hours after applying.

The Mary Ellen Products Best Press Spray Starch is also quite popular because of its beautiful and mesmerizing tea rose scent. 

  1. Other Features

Other important features include: 

  • Making ironing faster and easier after applying spray starch
  • Non-flaky and non-clogging liquid spray 
  • Crisp and comfortable feeling on fabrics 
  • Keeping the fabric straight and tight for quilting
  • Washable spray 
  • Safe on skin and around children and dogs, etc. 

Fortunately, most brands include these features in their products. 

Is spray starch good for clothes?

Starch has been in use for cleaning and keeping clothes fresh for centuries, much before the popularity of spray starch bottles.

All around the world, in different cultures, clothes were immersed in homemade starch to give them a fresh smell and a crispness.

Starch was especially used in clothes that were regularly worn at home and clothes that go through a lot of rough handling, sweating, dirt, and grime.

Using starch before or after washing clothes gives them a stiff but comfortable feel for the user, which is why this technique has been popular for centuries. 

However, homemade starch can be termed as “heavy starch”, because they are extremely acidic. Over time and with regular use, this kind of “heavy starch” can actually damage the quality of your clothes.

Although using starch will make your clothes appear crisp and wrinkle-free at the moment, it will also gradually damage the fabric and the knit over time. 

On the other hand, commercial or spray starch aren’t so damaging to clothes. They are made to add a layer of protection to your clothes, not damage them.

Spray starch from reputed brands are made to withstand both flat abrasion (which is what happens when your clothes brush up against something else, i.e. skin or other clothes) and flex abrasion (which is when the wearer flexes their body parts, causing the fabric to expand and flex).

Therefore, as you can understand, a good spray starch actually helps the fabric withstand abrasion and protect itself. 

Therefore, if a good commercial spray starch is used, it won’t damage the fabric in any way. Rather, the best spray starch would protect the fabrics for the future.

It might decrease the overall life expectancy of a particular garment with repeated and regular use of spray starch, but the result will be a crisper, brighter, more vibrant-looking garment to wear for the present. 

When working on quilts or other crafts that require pieces of clothes, using spray starch on them once or twice to make the fabric stiff and straight won’t change its qualities or damage them in any way.

It’s only when spray starch is applied to the same clothes repeatedly and almost daily, they might lose their life expectancy a bit. 

What is the Difference Between Spray Starch and Sizing?

Technically, spray starch and sizing are two different products, although applied for similar purposes. 

“Starch” or “spray starch” is added to any fabric or cloth to give it some added stiffness, i.e. to make collars and cuffs of shirts stiffer.

When used to the overall garment, it gives the whole clothing a gentle crispness, making the garment look brighter, smarter, and crisper.

Spray starch is mostly added to office-going formal clothes compared to informal clothes we’d wear at home. 

On the other hand, “sizing” is applied to clothes to add some body to the fabric, or add some extra “crispness” and “hand” to any garment.

Sizing is used on fabrics not for wearing, but mostly for sewing or quilting. It reduces the number of artificial wrinkles on fabrics and makes them feel heavier, making it easy to sew through them or quilt with them.

Especially when making pleats or making fabrics into different shapes and sizes, sizing helps to keep them straight and crisp. 

Besides, starch is a natural substance, made from corn, wheat, or rice. It is completely vegetable-based whereas sizing is mostly plastic-based. Sizing can also be vegetable-based but to be most effective, it is made from a resinous solution. 

Sometimes, starch can be used instead of sizing when quilting, crafting, or sewing, but the result won’t be the same.

Starch can make a fabric extremely stiff and crisp, which can actually hamper the working process. Therefore, when working with fabric, it is better to use good-quality sizing while starches are better for the clothes you want to wear. 


With the best spray starch with you, it will become very easy to protect your fabrics and clothes from abrasion, as well as keep them clean, crisp, and looking smarter.

When you apply spray starch to your clothes, all the unwanted wrinkles will disappear, leaving your clothes looking and feeling fresh, comfortable, and smelling beautiful. 

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