Best Light for Needlework: Reviews in 2021 (Recommended!)

Needlework, whether we are doing it as a hobby or as a part of our profession, is something that can be strenuous for your eyes.

Using a miniature needle to sew or embroider requires a lot of focus, excellent eyesight, and patience. More importantly, it needs the best light for needlework! 

Yes, you may have a lot of bulbs in your workroom, or a powerful lamp around where you sit with your needlework.

However, what you need for needlework is something more powerful than regular light. The best lightweight for needlework should be a light that’s flexible, powerful, and something easy to use. 

In this article, you can find all the best lights for needlework available in the market, and everything you need to know about them.

8 Best Light for Needlework Reviews 

Here are the best lights you can get for your needlework, but also for any other kind of work that needs concentration and good eyesight. 

1. Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light and Book Light

Although this is a neck light designed mostly for reading books, it can be quite helpful as a light for doing your needlework.

Whether you are sewing or doing embroidery, this neck light will be able to project a strong and powerful light on your work.

It comes with 3 colors and 6 adjustable brightness levels, as well as 3 color temperature modes (warm white, yellow and cool white). 

You can turn on each of the lights instead of both at the same time, at your convenience, for when you are sewing, embroidering, reading, knitting or repairing anything.

It’s also a rechargeable Type-C gadget that you can use for a long time simply by recharging it. You can simply use a Micro-USB to charge this neck light on your laptop or your adaptor. 

With a single charge, you can use this nek light for up to 80 hours of general reading with a single light. A specially narrow beam angle of 90-degree design gives your hands the exact amount of light you need for your work. 

Key Features:

  • 3 color options 
  • 6 adjustable brightness levels
  • 3 color temperature modes: warm white, yellow and cool white
  • USB rechargeable Type-C gadget 
  • 6 to 80 hours of use with a single charge
  • Independent light switch on each head of the light 
  • Ergonomic design, comfortable around the neck 
  • Adjustable and supple neck angle 
  • Hands-free operation and use 
  • Bright and Eye-caring light
  • Anti-slip design

2. Vekkia Rechargeable 4 LED Neck Light  

You can wear this light very comfortably around your neck for a long time, not only when you are doing your needlework, but also when reading, knitting or doing anything that takes extra concentration and strong lights.

This light is perfect for when you are reading or sewing in your bed but don’t want to disturb the person sleeping next to you by turning on the light. 

For a hands-free working experience, this neck light focuses on whatever you are holding in your hands at all times. It has 2 LED lights on each head that are flicker-free and eye-carin.

You can use either or both heads of the light, dim them independently, or even adjust the brightness for each of them. 

This is a completely rechargeable product. With a single full charge you can use this night light for 7 to 40 hours, depending on the usage.

Extremely lightweight and with a flexible body, you can twist and turn this neck light in any shape you want to. 

Key Features:

  • Versatile and flexible neck light
  • Rechargeable, doesn’t need batteries 
  • 4 LED lights on two heads in total
  • 3 brightness levels on each head 
  • Works for 7 to 40 hours on a single charge 
  • Comfortable to wear around the neck for a long time 
  • Soft and padded around the neck

3. Miroco LED Standing Floor Lamp

If you have a special sewing desk, a sewing machine or a special chair where you love to sit when doing your needlework, this is definitely the right standing lamp for you.

It looks just like a desk lamp but one you can keep on your floor, especially when you don’t have a desk or when you don’t want to clutter up your desk. 

The Miroco LED floor lamp has all the features of a personal desk lamp, as well. It is slim and tall, and doesn’t take up too much space in your room.

It stands up to 65 inches when standing erect, with an 11.5 inch head that can be tilted and folded in any direction. The head of the light comes with 4 color temperature modes: natural white, candle light, warm white and cool white. 

With a lifespan of 20,000+ hours, this is an affordable and practical lamp that you can use for a long time. A single tap is all that’s needed to turn on the lamp at any time of the day, for any kind of use.

The steady base of the lamp is a very small one, only 8.27” in length and breadth, and takes up very little space on your floors. 

Key Features:

  • Space-saving standing floor lamp
  • 56” in length with a 11.5” foldable lamp head 
  • One-touch turn on 
  • 4 color temperature modes
  • 20,000+ hours of lifespan 
  • Saves up to 80% electricity compared to traditional lamps 
  • Flexible neck can be adjusted and folded in any direction 
  • Square base at the bottom is only 8.27” in area

4.iMagniphy 8X Lighted Desktop Magnifier 

This is not just a desk lamp but a 8X magnifier from iMagniphy, perfect for sewing and repairing, but also for intricate embroidery projects.

It stands on a very sturdy and space-saving base that is only 6.5” x 7.5” in size, but keeps the lamp steady at all times.

 The adjustable gooseneck is made of metal and can be folded and tilted in any direction, and the ON/OFF switch is easy to reach just above the neck. 

The lens itself is 5.5” in size and has a 8X magnifying glass in it. It also comes with 6 powerful LED lights that will focus entirely on your project below the lens.

Whether you are sewing, embroidering, repairing or reading, everything will appear 8 times larger and help you concentrate better. 

You can work on anything that requires concentration and focus without having to use your hands, at all. Your hands will stay free when you’re sewing or doing embroidery, or repairing something delicate.  

With the combination of the 8X magnifier and the LED lights, everything under the lamp will be crystal clear and large, easy to see even when you have poor eyesight.  


  • Sturdy lamp base only 6.5” x 7.5” in size 
  • 8” long metal gooseneck can be tilted and folded in any way. 
  • Large 5.5” circumference lens 
  • 8X magnifying lens 
  • 6 LED lights for brightness 
  • Easy-to-reach ON/OFF switch 
  • Scratch-resistant acrylic lens 
  • Hands-free operation

5. SingHong Neck Book Light

Another neck light that’s great for anybody who wants to read a book, sew, embroider or repair something intricate without wanting to disturb anyone else in the room.

It comes with 4 LED lights in both heads in total, as well as 4 adjustable brightness. In a subtle pink color, this neck light is made from soft and flexible rubber and is extremely comfortable against the skin. 

You can charge this neck light in less than 2 hours, and it will work for 8+ hours with a single full charge.

The battery, which is a built-in 850 mAh Li battery, can be charged more than 5000 times without any kind of damage or burnout. This neck light has 2 kinds of LED lights inside it: 2 flood lights and 2 spot lights.

Depending on why you need the light, you can choose the kind of light you want to use, spot light or flood light. Each bulb has a maximum of 20 lumens, and together you get up to 80 lumens of brightness when using all four LED lights. 


  • 3 kinds of LED lights inside: spot light and flood light
  • 3 lighting mode: spotlight mode, flood light mode and spot-and-flood-light mode
  • Only needs 2 hours to fully charge 
  • Can work for 8+ hours with a single charge 
  • 80 lumens of brightness when all lights working 
  • Built-in 850 mAh Li battery can be recharged 5000+ times 
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear around the neck 
  • Made from soft and flexible rubber

6. Beam n Read LED Hands-Free Task Light

You can use this task light for any kind of work that needs special, concentrated lighting. It is lightweight and small, and hangs conveniently from your neck, keeping your hands free to do anything you want to do.

Instead of the 2 to 4 small-sized light from a traditional neck light, you’ll be getting 6 LED lights from a single source directly on what’s in front of you.  

The 6 LED lights from this light conveniently covers up a large area in front, instead of focusing solely on your hands. There are two lighting options in this neck light: a BNR Orange Relaxation Filter that is soft and warm, and a BNR red Relaxation light that reduces ambient light and helps to work at night. 

This neck light needs two AA alkaline batteries to work, and can give up to 50 hours of light with 6 lights and up to 100 hours with 3 lights. 


  • Made from lightweight plastic 
  • 2 lighting modes: BNR Orange Relaxation Light and BNR Red Relaxation Light
  • Extra bright light to make every crystal clear
  • 6 LED lights 
  • Needs AA Alkaline batteries to work 
  • New batteries give 50-100 hours of use 
  • Hands-free use of light 
  • BNR red relaxation light helps work at night

7. LEDGLE LED Rechargeable Book Light

With 4 LED lights on both sides, this is a rechargeable neck/book light that will be also perfect for needlework, sewing and embroidering. It has 3 adjustable brightness levels, including only spot light, only flood light and combination of spot and flood light.

The soft and flexible rubber stays on your neck at all times, doesn’t shift or move and is practically weightless. The light from this LED book lamp is caring for your eyes, even when you’re using it for a long time. 

This neck light comes with a built-in 650 mAh Li-ion battery that has a lifespan of 50,000 hours. With a single full charge, you’ll be able to use it for 6 to 10 hours as a source of light.


  • Made from high-end rubber 
  • 3 brightness levels 
  • 6 LED lights in total 
  • Rechargeable neck light 
  • Comes with a built-in 650 mAh Li-ion battery 
  • Battery has a lifespan of 50,000 hours 
  • A full charge means 6 to 10 hours of use 
  • Hands-free use of light 
  • Spot light, flood light and combination of spot and flood light

8. LUXJET Book Light for Reading in Bed

Besides reading in bed, of course you’ll be able to use this neck light for needlework in bed, or wherever you don’t want to disturb anyone else around with a light.

This neck light has been designed especially to provide your hands and your working area with light without having to disturb anyone else. 

This neck light has 360-degree flexible arms which you can move in any direction. Made from high quality rubber silicon, it is comfortable and lightweight around your neck at all times.

With the built-in lithium battery, you can get 6 to 12 hours of maximum lights after a single charge and up to 20 to 40 hours of charge with dim lights. 

This best light for needlework has 3 modes of light: Spot light, flood light and combination of spot and flood light, which can help you to create the perfect ambience for your needlework. 


  • Made from high-quality rubber silicon 
  • 3 light modes: Spot light, flood light and combination of spot/flood light
  • 4 LED lights in total 
  • Comes with a built-in lithium battery 
  • A full charge means 6 to 40 hours of use 
  • Hands-free use of light 
  • 360-degree flexible arms 
  • Weighs only 3.8 ounces

What to Look for While Buying Best Light for Needlework

Although most neck/books lights have similar features, there are some qualities you should look for in the best light for needlework. 

1. Structure/Shape

These lights and lamps all come in two different structures and shapes: either you can wear them around your neck for a hands-free experience, or you can keep them standing near you while you work.

Whichever you want depends on where you want to want, whether you have a specific space for working or how comfortable you want to be while doing your needlework. 

If you have a special desk, a table or a couch where you usually work, you might want to use a standing lamp or a desk lamp. The Miroco LED Standing Floor Lamp is a 65-inch tall lamp with a flexible gooseneck and the iMagniphy 8X Lighted Desktop Magnifier is a desk lamp that also has a 8X magnifying glass. 

All the other kinds of lights mentioned in this article are neck lights, i.e. the kind of lights that you can wear around your neck and they will give you an adequate amount of light only on your hands.

These lights are perfect if you only want to illuminate what’s on your hands and in front of you, without having to disturb anyone else sleeping, resting or working beside you. 

If you don’t have a specific corner of the house or a table to work on, a neck light would be the perfect solution to provide yourself with an adequate amount of light while keeping your hands free. 

2. Light Types

Most lamps and neck lights these days use LED lights, both for brightness and for reducing electricity bills. With LED lights, it is also possible to create different kinds of ambience and temperature levels by using the same bulbs inside a light.

With most neck lights or book lights, you can get a choice of ambience lighting or lighting modes. 

The Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light and Book Light have 3 color temperature modes (warm white, yellow and cool white) and the SingHong Neck Book Light has 3 lighting modes (spotlight mode, flood light mode and spot/flood light mode).

Likewise, you can find similar temperature and color modes in all other kinds of lights that you can use to create the perfect ambience for yourself. 

3. Brightness Levels

At the same time, with all neck lights, standing lamps and desk lights, you can choose the level of brightness that suits you.

In some neck lights, the brightness level can be adjusted individually on each side whereas in others, the brightness levels has to be adjusted together on both sides. 

4. Number of LED Light Bulbs

The number of light bulbs vary in each of these neck/standing lights based on their size, structure and intensity. However, in most lights, you’ll get from 2 to 6 LED lights that you can use to create your preferred ambience. 

The iMagniphy 8X Lighted Desktop Magnifier has 6 LED lights in it and the Vekkia Rechargeable 4 LED Neck Light has two LED lights on either side, a total of 4 lights in the neck light. 

5. Battery Type/Quality

To save on expenses, most LED lights are rechargeable nowadays so that you don’t have to spend too much on batteries. Most of these are high-quality batteries that have thousands of hours of lifespan and can be used for a long time. 

The LEDGLE LED Rechargeable Book Light, for example, has the highest lifespan of more than 50,000 hours. You can definitely use this book light for a long time. From this list, only the Beam n Read LED Hands-Free Task Light requires AA alkaline batteries to work, and each battery will give you 50 to 100 hours of use. 

6. Battery Life

Since most best lights for needlework are rechargeable gadgets, you can use them for a long time simply by charging them again and again. The battery life, however, varies from light to light.

With a single full charge, you can use the SingHong Neck Book Light for a total of 8+ hours but the Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light and Book Light can be used for up to 80 hours (with a single light). 

7. Other Features

Other important features include: 

  • The weight of the light 
  • The shape of the light 
  • How comfortable it is against the skin 
  • How lightweight the light is
  • What the light is made from 
  • How it needs to be charged 
  • How long the light needs to be charged
  • The color of the light, and more. 


Such a small gadget – a neck light or the best light for needlework! Still it is one of the most important tools you might need for your sewing, needlework or embroidery, especially when you want to concentrate on your work and not disturb anyone around you. 

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