Best Knitting Looms: Reviews 2021 (Recommended!)

Knitting looms aren’t something you see in the average household; in fact, it is a handy tool that is only used by knitting enthusiasts who like to be fast, creative and efficient. 

By looms, we generally mean a tool that helps professionals to weave with. However, knitting looms are used for knitting with, instead of knitting needles, and they are unlike any kind of loom we’ve seen before. Knitting looms are completely different from weaving looms; they are small and easy to use, perfect for both adults and children. 

The best knitting loom can make your work much, much easier for you. If you work with knitting professionally, a loom can make your projects finish faster than if you are using just knitting needles.

However, before that, it is important that you know all about this knitting looms, and especially about the different models and brands that you can find on the market.

Top 10 Best Knitting Looms Reviews

Although not a very common tool, there are a lot of knitting looms available in the market. Here is a list of the eight top knitting looms that you can choose from. 

1. Readaeer Round Knitting Looms Set

Definitely this is a very handy looming set with 4 different knitting looms of different sizes and colors. However, what’s unique about this set is that you get 4 pompom makers with this looming set, to make pompoms of different sizes.

In a single set, you get: a 5” knitting loom, a 7” knitting loom, a 9” knitting loom and a 11” knitting loom, as well as 1.5”, 1.9”, 2.7” and 3.5” pompom maker loom rings. 

With these 4 different sizes of knitting looms, you can make anything from socks and hats to scarves and shawls. Made of high-grade ABS plastic, all the products are durable and lightweight, extremely easy to use. The smooth edges of the pegs make it easier for anyone to use the looms without any harm coming to the yarn. 

Besides, with this set, you also get a hook and a yarn needle, and an easy-to-understand instruction guide. 


  • Complete set of 4 knitting looms and 4 pompom makers 
  • Comes with 5”, 7”, 9” and 11” knitting looms 
  • Comes with 1.5”, 1.9”, 2.7” and 3.5” diameter pompom makers 
  • Comes with 1 crochet hook and 1 yarn needle
  • Made from high-quality ABS material
  • Long lasting and durable product 
  • Smooth edges of pegs 
  • Environment-friendly and skin-friendly material 
  • Lightweight and easy to use

2. Authentic Afghan Knitting Loom 

This particular knitting loom is a relatively large one, at least compared to some of the more compact ones. It is a “S” shaped loom that is great for knitting larger clothing items such as shawls and sweaters, as well as the smaller accessories like hats and scarves.

The large “S” shaped loom can be a tremendous help in knitting up to 60” width in a single piece. This high-grade plastic knitting loom contains 198 tiny little pegs in a single loom, great for making large accessories and clothing items.

This is a knitting loom that can make your entire knitting experience easy and fast. It comes with a step-by-step guide to use the tool, just in case you are completely new to the idea. 


  • “S” shaped knitting loom 
  • Can be used to knit accessories and clothes up to 60” width 
  • Perfect for larger items like sweaters, shawls and blankets 
  • Also great for hats and scarves
  • One knitting loom has 198 pegs 
  • Made from high-quality plastic 
  • Comes with a step-by-step instruction guide

3. Darice Carryi Round Knitting Looms

This is not a single knitting loom from Darice, but a set of 4 knitting looms of different sizes. In a single set, you get a variety of sizes: a 5.25-inch loom, a 7-inch loom, a 9-inch loom, and a 11-inch loom.

Depending on the size, you can make everything with the help of these looms, from sweaters and blankets to hats, scarves and socks. Each of the knitting looms are round in shape, and come with different numbers of pegs on them; the larger the size of the knitting loom, the more the pegs on them. 

This set of knitting looms from Darice doesn’t just come with multiple knitting looms, but also a yarn needle, a loom pick, an instruction guide and a plastic carrying case.

Each of the looms are extremely lightweight and easy to hold in your hand; you can carry them around in your bag in the carrying case, and also use them for hours without your arms getting tired. 

Perfect for bothe beginners and professionals, this is a knitting loom set made from high-quality plastic, sturdy and durable. You can use the same set for years without any wear and tear in the materials, or any change in four bright neon colors: pink, orange, green and blue.


  • Comes in set of 4 knitting looms 
  • Different sizes in a round shape 
  • Perfect for knitting both large and small accessories
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Comes in different sizes: 5.25-inch, a 7-inch, a 9-inch and a 11-inch loom
  • Comes In different neon colors 
  • Made from sturdy high-quality plastic 
  • Made to last years 
  • Comes with one yarn needle, one loom pick, one plastic carrying case 
  • Comes with an instructional guide 
  • Has small anchor pegs for easier use 

4. ALIMELT Round Knitting Loom Set

This is also a set of knitting looms that comes with 5 seperate looms, each different in size and color. The variety in size means that you’ll be able to make anything with these knitting looms, from blankets and sweaters to scarves, hats and socks.

The looms come ready to use and completely set, with the pegs installed into the molds. They are all of different colors and sizes, all round in shape.

In yellow, green, red, blue and pink, you get: a 9-cm loom with 20 pegs, a 13-cm loom with 44 pegs, a 18-com loom with 62 pegs, a 23-cm loom with 72 pegs and a 28-cm loom with 82 pegs. Besides, you also get a slim, rectangular yellow knitting loom that is 36-cm long and comes with 76 pegs, perfect for shawls and scarves. 

With this set, you also get 4 pieces of looming hooks in green, blue, purple and pink, 4 pieces of yarn needles in random colors, 4 pieces of plastic hooks, 1 5-mm oxide hook made of aluminum, 1 plastic yarn wrapping tool, 1 piece of Afghan crochet hook, 1 bag of stitch markers and an extra bag of pink pegs.

In short, you can get everything that you need for your next few crochet projects in this one complete set. 

The knitting looms are all flexible and easy to use. You can bend and mold them in any way you want to, and there will be no wear and tear in the material for years to come. The environmental-friendly sets are made with high quality ductile materials for a long use.

The pegs are removable if you want to make the gages bigger and wider; the pegs can all be pulled out and then again, hammered in without the need for any other tools or glue. 


  • Complete set of knitting looms, 6 pieces in total 
  • Includes 5 knitting looks of different sizes and colors 
  • Includes 9-cm loom with 20 pegs
  • Includes 13-cm loom with 44 pegs
  • Includes 18-com loom with 62 pegs
  • Includes 23-cm loom with 72 pegs 
  • Includes 28-cm loom with 82 pegs
  • Includes a rectangular 36-cm knitting loom with 76 pegs
  • Comes with 4 pieces of looming hooks 
  • Comes with 4 pieces of yarn needles 
  • Comes with 4 pieces of plastic hooks
  • Comes with 1 5-mm oxide hook 
  • Comes with 1 plastic yarn wrapping tool
  • Comes with 1 piece of Afghan crochet hook
  • Comes with 1 bag of stitch markers 
  • Comes with an extra bag of pink pegs
  • Removable pegs to make the gauges bigger
  • Pegs can be hammered back without the need for glue
  • Made from ductile materials 
  • Manufactured for long-term use without any wear and tear 

5. Mira Handcrafts Complete Round Knitting Loom Kit

When you are new to knitting but prefer to have the whole set with you, this is the brand you need to think about. This is a complete knitting loom kit that doesn’t just come with 4 knitting looms, but also 4 pompom makers, 3 needles made of plastic, and a single soft-grip knitting loom hook. 

The 4 knitting looms are all of different sizes: one 5.5” knitting loom, one 7.5” knitting loom, one 9.5” knitting loom and one 11.5” knitting loom. These looms of different sizes can be used for making everything from scarves and blankets to socks and hats, and everything else you want to knit with wool and yarns.

A full booklet of instruction comes with the knitting loom set to help you in the process, which is very helpful if you are a newbie. Whether you are knitting something for yourself or something smaller for a baby, these knitting looms can help. Besides, these knitting looms are actually perfect for bulky and heavy yarns. 


  • Complete knitting loom 
  • Comes with 4 knitting looms of different sizes 
  • Knitting looms are of 5.5”, 7.5”, 9.5” and 11.5” in diameter 
  • Also comes with 4 pompom makers, 3 needles made of plastic, 1 soft-grip knitting loom hook
  • Comes with a helpful instruction guide including photos 
  • Perfect for starters 
  • Can be used for making blankets, scarves, booties, socks and hats, and everything else
  • 24/7 customer support 

6. LAYOER Long Knitting Loom Set

If you are not comfortable working with round knitting looms, this is a completely different kind of set. This knitting loom set from LAYOER is a set of 4 rectangular looms, made of high-quality plastic.

The best knitting looms are all rectangular-sized but of different sizes. In a single set, you get knitting looms that are 8¾” long, 13” long, 17” long and 21½” long. You also get 1 piece of knitting needles, 1 piece of iron crochet hooks and a basic instruction guide with this set. 

You can use these knitting looms to make everything from large blankets to baby socks, and everything in between. These knitting looms are just the perfect tools to knit anything for adults or babies.

The looms are all made from high-quality ABS plastic, and can be molded or bended in any way you want to. The looms all come in a beautiful carrying case that you can keep in your bag, and you can take your tools with you anywhere, 


  • Set of 4 rectangular knitting looms 
  • Looms are of  8¾” long, 13” long, 17” long and 21½” in length 
  • Comes with 1 knitting needle, 1 iron crochet hook and 1 instruction guide 
  • Four assorted sized looms 
  • Each loom comes with an anchor peg at the side 
  • Removable pegs for wider knits 
  • Can be used for making everything from blankets to socks 
  • Manufactured from high-quality ABS plastic
  • Comes in a carrying case 
  • Perfect for new knitters 

7. Novelinks Round Knitting Looms Sets

Another classic knitting loom set that comes with 5 plastic knitting looms, from large to small. This set comes with 5 knitting looms that are 3.5” in diameter, 5.5” in diameter, 1.5” in diameter, 9.5” in diameter and 11.5” in diameter. The set also contains one yarn needle and one loom pick, as well as an instruction guide. 

The classic round knitting looms are made from high-quality plastic, sturdy and come in five different neon colors.  The anchor pegs are small and set apart by a distance of 1 cm in between; they are easy to use and extremely lightweight.

They can be used with crochet hooks and yarn needles, both. They are perfect for both expereinced knitters or newbies, and can be used for knitting and crocheting everything. 


  • Set of 5 round knitting looms 
  • Looms are 3.5”, 5.5”, 1.5”, 9.5” and 11.5” in diameter
  • Bright neon colored knitting looms 
  • Made from long-lasting ductile materials 
  • Set also contains a yarn needle and a loom pick 
  • Comes with an instruction guide 
  • Easy to hold and use 
  • Lightweight material 
  • Small anchor pegs set 1 cm apart from each other 

8. Boye Round Knitting Loom Set 

Finally, a 7-piece knitting loom set that comes with 4 round knitting looms, 1 loom hook, 1 yarn needle and an instructional guideline.

The knitting looms are 5.5”, 7.5”, 9.5” and 11.5” in diameter, and can be used to knit anything from blankets to baby socks. The instruction set comes with a detailed pattern for knitting a basic hat, which will be extremely helpful for a beginner. 

With these knitting looms, you can knit anything without having to use a knitting needle. Besides, these knitting looms are perfect for both circular and flat knitting. 


  • 7-piece knitting loom set 
  • Comes with 4 circular knitting looms 
  • Round knitting looms are 5.5”, 7.5”, 9.5” and 11.5” in diameter 
  • Can be used to knit everything from socks and hats to blankets 
  • Comes with a loom hook and a yarn needle
  • Comes with an instruction guide with a pattern for a basic hat 
  • Can be used to knit without a knitting needle 
  • Can be used for both circular and flat knitting 

Best Knitting Looms Buying Guide

If you are not already an experienced knitter, buying knitting looms can be quite confusing. However, if you know the features you should look for in a knitting loom, you can get the right one for your projects. 

These are the features you should look for when buying a single knitting loom or an entire set, to get the best product. 

  1. Shape

With knitting looms, you get options to choose from a number of shapes: “S” shaped, circular shaped and rectangular-shaped knitting looms. Although circular or round-shaped knitting looms are the most popular choices, the other two shapes can also be helpful in knitting.

The Authentic Afghan Knitting Loom is, for example, a “S-shaped” knitting loom and the LAYOER Long Knitting Loom Set is a rectangular-shaped knitting loom. 

On the other hand, the ALIMELT Round Knitting Loom Set is a set of 6 knitting looms, where 5 of the looms are circular and one is rectangular. 

However, it is possible to knit the same kinds of clothes and accessories with these round, rectangular or S-shaped looms. Most of the knitting looms that you’ll find available on the market happen to be round as they are most popular, but the other shapes can also be easy to use. 

  1. Number of Looms

Apart from a few brands, most knitting looms come in a set, ideally a set of several knitting looms in different sizes. From a small 3.5” diameter knitting loom to a 15.5” diameter one, the more looms you get in a set, the better. Ideally, a set of knitting looms comes with 3 to 5 separate knitting looms. 

The Darice Carryi Round Knitting Looms is a set of 4 circular knitting looms, and the Novelinks Round Knitting Looms Sets is also a set of 5 round-shaped knitting looms. 

  1. Added Accessories

With most sets, you’ll not just be getting the knitting looms, but additional accessories and tools that can help you knit. For example, with the ALIMELT Round Knitting Loom Set, you get a total of 12 accessories and tools apart from the knitting looms themselves.

This includes 4 pieces of plastic hooks, 1 5-mm oxide hook made of aluminum, 1 plastic yarn wrapping tool, 1 piece of Afghan crochet hook, 1 bag of stitch markers and even an extra bag of pink pegs. With most other sets, you can at least get a crochet hook and a yarn needle to help your knitting. 

At the same time, with the Readaeer Round Knitting Looms Set, you get 4 separate pompoms makers with the knitting looms. These pompom makers can be used to make colorful pompoms very easily and very fast. 

  1. Removable Pegs

Although this is not a feature that you can find in most knitting looms, the ones where you can remove the pegs are quite helpful.

If the pegs can be removed and then reattached, it means that you can use the same knitting looms for wider gauges. If you are using bulky or thick yarn, it is important that you get a knitting loom with removable pegs. 

  1. Other Features

Other important features include: 

  • The material the knitting looms are made of 
  • The size of the different knitting looms in a set 
  • The softness or the flexibility of the looms 
  • Ease of handling and use 
  • Helpful instruction guide, 
  • Carrying case, 
  • Number of pegs in each loom 

Apart from a few special ones, most knitting looms come with similar features. The right one for you depends on the one you are most comfortable with, as well as the set that is within your budget. 

Types of knitting looms

Whenever we hear the word “loom”, we are generally reminded of a large contraption used for knitting or weaving fabrics.

However, knitting looms are smaller and more personal tools, manufactured for holding in your hand for using. Most of them are lightweight and extremely easy to use; after a while, the user almost forgets holding the tool in their hand. 

There are actually quite a few different types of knitting looms that both professionals and beginners use for knitting, although we’ve discussed the more common ones in this article. The different types of knitting looms are: 

1. Rake Looms 

Rake looms are completely different from the knitting looms discussed here. These looms are also known as long looms, as they are quite lengthy in size. These are not looms that you can hold in your hand to use because they are quite heavy, being made from wood. These rake looms are more suitable for knitting large blankets and full-sized shawls. 

A rake loom is a long, singular row of pegs. Two or more rake knitting looms can be set beside each other and connected together to create a bigger tool. Sometimes, rake looms with two rows are available in the market for knitting shawls and blankets, or oversized sweaters. 

2. Circular/Round Looms 

Most of the looms discussed in this article belong to this group. Circular rooms are lightweight and easy to use, mostly made from plastic or lightweight wood. These looms let you knit continuously, and with the larger ones, you can actually knit large shawls and blankets by yourself.

Although it is possible to knit properly using looms of different shapes – rectangle, heart, oval or square – the circular ones are more preferable for knitting socks and hats. 

3. Afghan Looms 

Afhan looms are unique as they are mostly “S” shaped; these knitting looms are also known as “S-looms” or “Serenity looms”. Whether they are a S-shaped loom or an infinity-shaped loom with a S-shape in the middle, Afghan looms are perfect for knitting blankets, shawls and Afghans.  

4. Sock Looms 

As the name suggests, sock looms are used to make socks, both for adults or babies. These looms can be easily adjusted so that you can use the same loom for making socks for the entire family. They come with adjustable gauges that you can increase and decrease, for making socks of all shapes and sizes. 

5. Weaving Looms 

Weaving looms are completely different from regular knitting looms. These knitting looms don’t come with pegs, but with a series of warped threads. These threads work as a framework for weaving with your yarn. 

Of all these types of knitting looms, the Afghan loom and the circular-shaped looms are the most popular ones. These are the ones people use the most in their projects, both professionals and beginners. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Knitting Looms faster?

A. Knitting looms are definitely faster than using just yarn needles or crochet hooks to knit. Also because this is an easier technique to learn, even a beginner can become an expert knitter within a very short time. 

Q. What can you make with a knitting loom?

A. Anything you can make with knitting needles or crochet hooks can be made faster with a knitting loom. Since knitting looms come in different shapes and sizes, the right one can be used to make anything from baby socks to full-sized blankets. 

The smaller knitting looms are used for making socks and hats, but the larger ones can be used for making shawls, blankets and scarves. 

Q. Why is my loom knitting so tight?  

A. If your gauges seem tighter than normal, it may be because of the placement of your pegs. If the pegs are too close to each other, the gauges will be tighter. It will feel like your knitting is tighter than you want.

Some knitting looms come with removable pegs; this means that you can remove some pegs for a less tighter gauge, or if you are using a bulky yarn. 

Q. Is loom knitting easy?

A. Loom knitting can be considered to be easy since it makes it impossible to drop stitches. Even a beginner can use a knitting loom to knit a whole shawl or blanket without dropping a single stitch.

Besides, the stitches won’t even slide off the needle when you are trying to transfer the stitches from one needle to another. 

Q. Can you make a blanket with a loom?

A. The larger knitting looms can be used for making larger accessories like blankets and full-sized shawls. The shape of the knitting loom doesn’t matter in this context; you can use a round, a rectangular or a “S-shaped” loom for making a blanket, but it needs to be a large one. 


Knitting looms aren’t very common for the rest of the world, but for knitters, they are the best tools for making everything from baby booties to hats and scarves, as well as blankets and shawls.

Knitting looms are the ideal solution for people who prefer to travel with their knitting, or want to be a fast knitter; besides, knitting looms are almost fail-safe tools for both beginners and experts. 

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