Best Cricut Bundle: Reviews in 2022 (Recommended!)

best cricut bundle

In some businesses, cricut machines are a must for cutting paper, wood, fabrics, cork, vinyl, leather, cardboard, and anything that can be used in production.

For making cards, nameplates, stickers, templates or anything else, the right cricut machine is something every business owner has to invest in. 

However, only investing in a cricut machine isn’t enough even when it is an expensive and multifunctional unit.

A cricut machine is also going to need a few tools and supplies to work, all of which you can find in the best cricut bundle in the market.

From different kinds of papers and metals, to scissors and cutters – the best cricut bundle will have them all. 

For a complete beginner, the best option would be to buy a cricut machine that comes ready to use with everything you’re going to need to go right into production, i.e. a cricut bundle.

In this bundle, you can find the information for five of the best cricut bundles that can be the perfect start for your business that will definitely be a great help.

Top 5 Best Cricut Bundles

Below, you can find everything you need to know to invest on the best cricut bundle available in the market, along with what they come with, why are they a good choice, and what you can expect from them. 

1. Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine Bundle 

This may seem like an expensive bundle at the first glance, but actually it’s totally worth the price.

In this single bundle, you’re getting the Cricut Explore Air 2 machine that is only 10.25” x 24.75” x 10” in dimension – a compact machine that you can keep anywhere in your workroom.

This Cricut machine comes with a built-in Bluetooth so that you can connect it wirelessly to any smartphone or laptop, and use it for cutting, writing and scoring your materials. 

With the Smart set dial, the machine adjusts automatically to whatever material you are using for your projects.

Any kind of images can be uploaded to your smartphone, iPhone, tablet or computer in the form of .jpg, .png, .gif or .bmp and directly identified by the app that’s compatible with the machine.  

Beside the Cricut machine, this bundle also comes with a tool kit that includes: 

  • A spatula, 
  • A weeder, 
  • A scraper, 
  • A pair of tweezers, 
  • 8 pieces of 9” x 12” vinyl colored sheets, 
  • Extra blades, 
  • 4 pieces of glitter paper 
  • A 12” x 12” light grip, 
  • 2 pieces of transfer paper, 
  • 5 pieces of pen in different colors, 
  • A “Getting Started” ebook for guidance, and
  • A beginner’s Cricut Explore Air 2 manual. 

In short, you can find everything you’ll need for your first projects in this Cricut bundle.  

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2. Cricut Maker 3 Machine Smart Bundle 

With the compact, affordable and efficient Cricut Maker 3, you’re also getting a whole set of vinyl paper and tools in this Cricut Bundle.

This particular machine – the Cricut Maker 3 – is compatible with a wide range of materials, including paper, cardboard, vinyl, felt and decals, as well as about 300+ more materials. 

This particular machine from Cricut is up to 2x faster than other machines, and has 10x the force of other older Cricut models.

Instead of being just a cutting machine, the Cricut Maker 3 can write, perforate, engrave, deboss and create waves with the different interchangeable blades that come with the machine.

This is, in short, the perfect machine for precisely cutting or writing on not just paper, but also vinyl, fabric, leather, metal and foil.

Also, because this is a wireless machine, you can directly connect the machine to your smartphones, laptops, tablets or iPhones without having to bother with wires. 

As with most bundles, this Cricut machine also comes with few important tools and materials, including: 

  • 4 pieces of Cricut iron-on vinyl (black, grass, red and ocean), 
  • A premium fine-point blade with housing, 
  • Cricut transfer tape, and
  • A basic set of Cricut tools including a spatula, a weeder, a scraper and a pair of scissors

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3. Cricut Maker Champagne Machine Bundle 

In this Cricut bundle, you’ll be getting the 10.39” x 10.24” x 25.79” Cricut Maker as well as the materials and tools you are going to need for your first projects. 

A professional machine that can cut, write, deboss, engrave, make waves and perforate – the Cricut Maker is a reliable and efficient machine to own.

It can be used not just to cut paper into different shapes, but also iron-ons, wall signs, felt, leather, metal and foil. 

Because of the built-in Bluetooth, the Cricut Maker is a completely wireless machine. You can simply make any designs on your computer or upload anything in a .jpg, .bmp, .png, .gif or .svg format, and the Cricut machine can be used to directly cut it out.

Hundreds of designs are already available in the Cricut Design Space app that can also be used directly with your smartphone, iPhone, iPad, tablet or computer for cutting, writing, debossing or engraving. 

This Cricut Maker bundle also comes with a starter guide, a total of 8 sheets of vinyl, 3 sheets of iron-on stampler, 2 pieces of transfer paper, 12 digital vinyl designs, a set of pens and a basic set of tools with everything needed for cutting and scraping.

With all these materials and tools in the bundle that comes with the machine itself, you won’t need to buy anything else at all for your first few projects. 

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4. Cricut Maker Vinyl Bundle 

With the Cricut Maker, in this bundle, you’ll get the very reliable Cricut Maker, as well as some of the most important tools and materials you’re going to need. 

Of course, the Cricut Maker is one of the most popular models from this brand that gives you endless possibilities when it comes to projects.

This particular machine comes with the new rotary blade that works on most types of light and thick fabric, without needing any kind of backing materials. 

With every Cricut machine, as well as with this one, you’ll also have access to hundreds of digital sewing projects and designs that come with purchasing any Cricut machine.

With these easily downloadable designs, you can plan and create hundreds of projects to cut, draw or deboss. 

However, what’s great about this particular bundle is all the things you’re getting with it, which includes: 

  • 26 pieces of 12” x 12” sheets of vinyl, 
  • Premium Permanent 12” x 12” sampler parchments in different colors, 
  • A pack of 12” x 12” premium removable vinyl value pack, 
  • A powerful rotary cutting blade with housing, 
  • A fine-point black pen, 
  • A 12” x 12” fabric grip mat, 
  • A 12” x 12” light grip mat, 
  • 50+ ready-to-make project designs, and 
  • A welcome book. 

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5. Cricut Maker Beginner Bundle 

With the Cricut Maker, in this bundle, you’ll get the very reliable Cricut Maker, as well as some of the most important tools and materials you’re going to need. 

The Cricut Maker, as is evident from the reviews above, is a reliable machine that can work on paper, fabric, iron-ons, leather, basswood, felt, foil and even metal.

This machine can be used to not just cut, but also for debossing, engraving on, perforating and creating waves on materials.

This is, of course, a user-friendly machine that has a built-in Bluetooth connection, making the machine easy to use without any kind of wires. 

The Cricut Design Space app makes it much easier to connect the machine to your smartphone, iPhones and iPads, laptops and tablets directly to use your designs in a .jpg, .bmp, .png, .gif or .svg format. 

With the classic Cricut Maker, in this bundle, you’ll also get: 

  • A new and effective rotary blade
  • A starter guide, 
  • A Set of Pens, 
  • A basic tool kit, 
  • 8 sheets of vinyl, 
  • 2 sheets of transfer paper, 
  • 4 IO sheets of glitter, 
  • 12 digital vinyl designs, 
  • A vinyl inspiration book, and
  •  A beginner’s guide to the Cricut Maker. 

Because this is a beginner’s set, this is a very simple machine to use and comes with all the tools and materials any beginner is going to need for their first few projects. 

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Best Cricut Bundle Buying Guide

Of course, Cricut is a famous brand when it comes to cutting machines, it’s the bundles that come with the machines that are quite attractive.

The different models of Cricut machines are all quite reliable and efficient, but the tools and materials are what makes these bundles a must have. 

So here are some factors to consider when you are thinking of investing in a Cricut bundle instead of on a machine alone. 

1. The Machine Itself

Of course, the machine itself is the most important part of the bundle. Every Cricut bundle comes with an original Cricut machine, i.e. the Cricut Maker or the  Cricut Explore Air.

Both these Cricut machines are extremely reliable and efficient, but among the different models mentioned in this article, the Cricut Maker 3 is the latest model with all new features which you can find with the  Cricut Maker 3 Machine Smart Bundle. 

The Cricut Maker 3 is a versatile and compact cutting machine that is compatible with up to 300 materials, which is much higher than any of the other models from this brand.

The materials this machine is compatible with ranges from thin and glossy fabrics to thick wooden planks, and everything in between.

Besides, this is a machine that can handle large projects upto 12 feet in length without any break, and can be also used to cut sewing patterns with it. 

Although this particular model is what makes the bundle more expensive, it is definitely a much more versatile cutting machine that’s worth the investment. 

2. Tool Set/Tool Kit 

A basic tool set or a tool kit includes necessities such as a pair of scissors, a spatula, a weeder, a scrapper and a pair of tweezers.

Although some of these tools are already present in most homes, it is a great help when they come in the right shape and size with the cutting machine. 

With all Cricut bundles, the machines come with a basic tool kit that will be a great help when you start on your first projects.

If you are a complete beginner, some of the more uncommon tools – i.e. a weeder or a spatula – may not be available in every home.

Of course they can be ordered separately, but still it’s a big help when they come with these Cricut bundles. 

3. Pen Set

Not all, but a few Cricut machines come with a pen set that contains pens of different colors. The Cricut Explore Air 2 machine Bundle, for example, comes with a pen set containing 5 pens in different colors.

These pens are compatible with the machine and can be used to make drawings on different materials.

When you are using your Cricut machine not just for cutting but also for drawing designs for embroidering and coloring, these pens are going to be very helpful. 

The Cricut Maker Champagne Machine Bundle also comes with a basic set of pens for drawing on your materials. 

On the other hand, some bundles also comes with a fine-point or a thick black pen for the same reason, which is what you can see with the Cricut Maker Vinyl Bundle. 

4. Rotary Blades

Some Cricut bundles also come with a new and improved rotary blade, which can be used to make cuts on most kinds of materials from very thin and silky fabrics to thicker ones, as well as every other kind of unpredictable materials. 

The Cricut Maker Beginner Bundle and the Cricut Maker Vinyl Bundle both come with this rotary blade for easier cutting and debossing. 

5. Cutting Mats 

Everyone who uses a Cricut machine must have a cutting mat at their workplace, but some bundles also come with specialized cutting mats.

The Cricut Maker Vinyl Bundle comes with two cutting mats: a 12” x 12” fabric grip mat and a 12” x 12” light grip mat which are going to be extremely helpful. 

6. Paper Sets 

Perhaps what sets these Cricut bundles apart are the sets of paper that come with the machine with them, such as the Cricut Maker Vinyl Bundle that comes with more than 35 sheets of paper, including permanent sampler, vinyl sheets and premium removable vinyl sheets. 

The Cricut Maker Beginner Bundle also comes with sheets of vinyl, 4 IO sheets of glitter and 2 sheets of transfer paper. 

Other sets mentioned in this article also come with sets of paper, and the one you decide on depends on how you intend to use the machine and for what kind of projects. 

7. Digital Designs 

Just like with everything else, some Cricut machines come with packs of digital designs that you can directly use on your materials.

The Cricut Maker Vinyl Bundle, for example, comes with 50+ ready-to-use designs for your first few projects and the Cricut Maker Beginner Bundle comes with 12 digital designs for vinyls. 

Therefore, as you can see, most Cricut bundles come with everything that’s important and necessary for your projects.

Some of them differ in terms of what paper types they come with, or other additional materials in the bundle which is how you need to decide between them.

While all the cutting machines from Cricut are almost the same in their performance and versatility. 

What Comes in a Cricut Bundle? 

For a complete beginner or for someone who wants to start a small business, it is a much better option to invest in a Cricut bundle than in just the machine itself.

This is because in just a small addition of price, a Cricut bundle comes with paper sets, blades and tools that you might have to order separately otherwise. 

Typically, a Cricut bundle comes with the usual types of tools and materials, which may differ in number and type:

  • The cutting machine itself comes with the bundle. This might be the Cricut Maker, the Cricut Maker 3 or the Cricut Explore Air 2, as per the different bundles discussed in this article. 
  • Tool sets are also quite common in Cricut bundles. All the different Cricut Bundles come with one of these basic tool sets, which will include a pair of scissors, a spatula, a weeder, a scrapper and a pair of tweezers.
  • Some Cricut bundles include a pen set, which can be a black fine-tip or thick-tip pen that is compatible with the machine to make drawings, or a set of colorful pens that can be used for the same purpose. 
  • Besides these, some Cricut bundles might also include a few extra rotary blades, especially the new and improved Rotary blade that is compatible with most Cricut machines and can be used to cut on the most difficult materials. 
  • The different paper sets are perhaps the most attractive parts of a Cricut bundle, because they end up being the most useful additions. Apart from vinyl sheets, most Cricut bundles also include IO glitter sheets, transfer paper, colorful papers, sampler sheets, vinyl sheets and removable sheets. Although all these and more kinds of papers can also be ordered or bought separately, but they are a big help when they come with the machine itself in a bundle. 
  • Although not in all Cricut bundles, some of them also contain one or more cutting mats that are also an important part of using a Cricut machine. 
  • Last but not the least, some Cricut bundles also come with digital designs or access to digital designs that can be easily downloaded or used in different projects. Although designs can be downloaded for free from the Internet, these are designs of a higher quality that are compatible with different projects and materials. 

In most Cricut bundles, these are the kind of materials that you can find and own. 

Are Cricut Bundles Worth it? 

Simply by adding a little to the price of a Cricut machine, a Cricut bundle comes with different kinds of tools and materials.

All these additional tools and materials, although available separately, come automatically with a Cricut bundle. 

Pen sets with different colors of pens, a basic tool kit with a pair of scissors, a spatula, a weeder, a scrapper and a pair of tweezers, cutting mats, rotary blades, and most importantly, different kinds of papers and transfer sheets, are what you can get in a Cricut bundle. 

Although all these materials and tools are available in the market and can be ordered separately or together, for a complete beginner who doesn’t know where to start, it is a great help to get a hold of everything together along with the machine itself. 

Since it is the Cricut cutting machine itself that costs the most and the additional tools and materials only cost a little as an additional part of the bundle, it can be definitely said that Cricut bundles are worth the price you pay for them. 

What is the Best Cricut to Buy that does Everything? 

Of all the Cricut cutting machines mentioned and described in this article, the Cricut Maker 3 is the latest and the most versatile model. 

The Cricut Maker 3 isn’t just the latest model from this brand, but it is compatible to work with over 300 different types of materials whereas the older models could only work with 100 or slightly more materials.

This includes different types of thin and thick fabric and paper, decals, sewing materials, iron-ons, leather products, metal, foil, wood and everything else that is used for different projects. 

Not just versatile, the Cricut Maker 3 is also an user-friendly cutting machine that comes with a built-in Bluetooth connection and doesn’t require any wires to connect to your smartphones, laptops, tablets or iPhones. 

The Cricut Maker 3 Machine Smart Bundle comes with the Cricut Maker 3, as well as a lot of materials and tools that you are going to need in your projects. This includes: 

  • 4 pieces of Cricut iron-on vinyl (black, grass, red and ocean), 
  • A premium fine-point blade with housing, 
  • Cricut transfer tape, and
  • A basic set of Cricut tools including a spatula, a weeder, a scraper and a pair of scissors, 

In short, it can be said that the Cricut Maker 3 is the best and most versatile cutting machine from Cricut that can be used for doing everything. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which Cricut machine to buy for beginners? 

A: The Cricut Maker is a cutting machine that is perfect for beginners and for new businesses. It is a relatively easy machine to use and can work on a number of different materials, including iron-ons, leather, basswood, foil, felt, fabric, paper and even metal. 

This is also a user-friendly machine that can not only cut, but also draw, perforate, deboss and create waves on different materials.

For a complete beginner, the Cricut Maker 3 is an easy machine to handle that you can find with the Cricut Maker Beginner Bundle. 

Q: Do I need to use a Computer to use a Cricut Machine? 

A: Most Cricut machines are wireless models that can be directly connected to any smartphone, iPhone and iPad, laptop or tablet without using any kind of wires.

To make designs for cutting or drawing on your preferred materials, a laptop or a computer need to be used to access different designing softwares.

These designs can be directly transferred to the Cricut machine via Wi-Fi Direct without having to use any wire. 

However, if you are working with downloaded designs or the digital designs that come free with Cricut bundles, you won’t need to use a laptop or a computer.

The designs can be easily downloaded with the help of a smartphone or a tablet and sent directly to the Cricut machine. 

Q: How do I make mugs with a Cricut machine? 

A: Cricut machines are usually used to cut out designs on paper, vinyl sheets or vinyl stickers, which can then be transferred to a cup or a mug with the use of a heat press machine.

That’s the usual and the standard process that is taken by businesses that creates designs on mugs using a cricut machine and a heat press machine. 

However, it is also possible to directly transfer your designs to a mug with the Cricut Mug Press, which is actually a cricut machine especially designed to transfer your designs to coffee mugs and cups.

These machines come with a special mug-shaped mold where you can put your mug inside, and the machine will transfer your design directly to the mug without having to cut it out on vinyl sheet, sticker paper or vinyl sticker. 

Instead of using a rotary blade to cut shapes into materia, a Cricut Mug press uses Infusible Ink to create designs on the exterior of the mug.

The process is similar to that of a heat press machine without the additional step of printing or cutting out the design with a Cricut machine. 

Q: Why is Transfer Tape Used with the Cricut Machine? 

A: The purpose of a transfer tape is to place them on top of a piece of vinyl sheet or vinyl sticker sheet, and then put the sheet on your preferred material.

This makes the process of transfer easier and the design sticks to the material better. With a transfer sheet, it is easy for the user to see exactly what design they are placing on the substrates that they have printed out. 

When using vinyl sheets or vinyl sticker sheets in a Cricut machine to cut out or draw designs, the function of a transfer sheet cannot be denied.

Any design cut on or printed on vinyl cannot be transferred to the final material without using transfer tape as a backing. 


Cricut cutting machines – because of how versatile and efficient they are – are almost a staple part of every business that works with cutting, sewing, coloring and debossing materials, and use a huge range of materials in their projects. 

With the different Cricut bundles, you are not just getting the machines, but a lot of important tools, materials, designs and blades at a small and almost insignificant price increase.

This makes Cricut bundles a much better investment opportunity than to just buy the machine and separately order everything else you are going to need for your projects. 

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