Best Applique Scissors: Reviews and Top Recommendations 2021

Best Applique Scissors

You might not have a lot of ideas in this topic if you are new to appliqueing, sewing or quilting, but the best applique scissors are completely different from regular scissors that we use around the house.

In fact, applique scissors are different from regular scissors in their shape, design, size and use. 

The best applique scissors are medium in size, and they come with a duck-bill shape on one of the blades.

Instead of both the blades being similar in size and shape, one of the blades of applique scissors would be thicker and wider, resembling a duckbill.

This special design is needed for trimming the sides of the fabric after they’ve been sewn, and it allows the user to trim off excess edges of their applique piece instead of cutting a hole in the base fabric by mistake. 

It is very important to know all the special features of an applique scissor before you choose a brand and a model for your work, which you’ll get in this article. 

Top 9 Best Applique Scissors

These 9 products described below are the best applique scissors that are available in the market at the moment, and you can easily choose one or more than from them. 

1. Prym Applique Scissors 6-inch Rose Gold 

In a stunning rose gold color, this sturdy and trusted applique scissor is 6-inch in size and comes in a single size suitable for all users.

This scissor can be used for quilting, serging and appliqueing, as well as regular cutting around your worktable.

The specially curved blades are designed to resist and avoid any kind of damage to the main fabric while trimming away the edges with ease.

The handles too are curved and specially designed, so as to make handling the scissors easily with one hand and trim away without any support necessary.


  • Rose gold in color 
  • Sturdy and effortless to handle
  • 6” in size 
  • Specially curved handle and blade 
  • Effectively trims away edges without damaging the fabric
  • Single size suitable for all purposes 

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2. 6” Stainless Steel Applique Duckbill Scissors 

This is not just one, but actually a set of two special scissors: one applique scissor for trimming your edges and one embroidery scissor for fabrics.

Made from sturdy stainless steel, both scissors from Belle Draft are 6-inches in length and come with specially designed curved handles.

The applique scissors come with a pair of offset blades and a special duckbill blade for trimming, and both scissors have curved handles that help in trimming and cutting. 

The applique scissor is 6” in length, with a duckbill blade and an offset blade, and the embroidery scissor, also 6” in length, comes with double-bend blades and is made from chrome-plated steel with a very sharp tip.


  • Set of two scissors: one applique scissor and one embroidery scissor 
  • Applique scissor made from stainless steel
  • Embroidery scissor made from chrome plated steel
  • Both scissors 6” in length 
  • Applique scissors have duckbill blade and offset blade 
  • Embroidery scissors have double bend blades with sharp tip 
  • Curved handles are easy to use 
  • May need to be sharpened before use

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3. ThreadNanny Duckbill Knife Edge Applique Scissors 

Made for professionals and experienced quilters, sewing experts and embroiderers, this is a 6” long applique scissor that comes with all the important features needed in such a specialized scissor.

Sturdy and built to last, the ThreadNanny applique scissors come with one duckbill blade and one regular blade, designed to finely trim through the edges of your fabric without damaging the main fabric.

The scissors have been made from top-quality Germain Steel that has also been double-plated with a Chrome finish. With the tension adjustment screws, you can make any adjustments to the scissors when needed.

The offset handles can also be adjusted according to your convenience. 

Although made from German steel, these scissors are also extremely lightweight and don’t prove to be fatiguing for your hands, no matter how long you have to use them for.

If dull with regular use, these scissors can be sharpened or adjusted with ease, with any regular blade sharpener or scissor sharpener. 


  • Top-quality German Steel body 
  • Mini applique scissors are 6” in length 
  • Lightweight and doesn’t fatigue the hand 
  • Razor sharp blades on either side 
  • One duckbill blade and one regular blade 
  • Tension adjustment screw can be used to adjust blades
  • Blades can be sharpened easily 
  • Offset handles easy to use 
  • Built for professional and long-time use 

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4. Tula Pink Duckbill Appplique 6” Scissors 

In a fun pink color, this is a 6” micro-serrated scissor made in Pakistan. Lightweight and easy to use, these scissors from Tula Pink have a curved handle and a duckbill blade. 

The micro serrations in the blades will hold your fabric in place while you trim away the edges.

There will be absolutely no snagging or pushing around the fabric that might ultimately damage the shape and the size of your original fabric, giving you a trim cut every single time.

The handles are bent and easy to use, with just the right size of a duckbill blade for keeping your original fabric safe. 


  • Fun pink color 
  • 6” in length 
  • Made in Pakistan 
  • Micro serrated blades help in holding fabric and in smooth cutting and trimming 
  • Keeps original applique fabric safe from damage and accidents
  • Angled and bent handles for easy using   
  • Duckbill blades keep fabric safe from accidental cutting 

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5. ONTAKI Dual Bent Machine Embroidery Scissors  

These scissors from ONTAKI are made from Premium German carbon steel and are designed for professionals.

They are durable enough to last a lifetime of use and handling; every single time you use these scissors, they’ll be as sharp as a new pair.

These scissors also come with dual bent 1.5” razor sharp precision tips. The scissors are 6.5” in length and great for embroidery, trimming and cutting your threads. 

The scissors are lightweight and ergonomic in design; you can hold them in your hands for work for hours and never feel any fatigue.

The large finger holes suit anyone’s hands and give you years of use. No matter how thick your yarn or thread is, you will be able to easily cut them with this scissor. 


  • Made from premium German carbon steel 
  • Designed for professionals and experts 
  • Durable and long-lasting 
  • Comes with dual bent handles 
  • 1.5” razor sharp precision tips and blades 
  • 6.5” in length 
  • Lightweight and reduces hand fatigue 
  • Large finger holes 

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6. G.S. Online Shop 6” Stainless Steel Applique Scissors  

This is a set of two scissors from G.S. Online store, an applique scissor and an embroidery scissor. Both scissors are 6” in length and come with long, curved handles.

The applique scissor, also 6” in length, comes with a duckbill blade on one side, and a regular blade on the other side, perfect for trimming edges of applique pieces without damaging the original fabric.

With the duckbill blade and the offset regular blade, this applique scissor has been made from premium quality stainless steel. 

The embroidery scissors too, is 6” in length and made from durable chrome plated steel. They come with double bend blades and a sharp tip, and are perfect for when embroidering to cut fabric and thread.   


  • Set of two scissors 
  • Both scissors 6” in length 
  • Come with long and curved handles  
  • Applique scissors made from Premium-quality stainless steel 
  • Embroidery scissors made from durable chrome plated steel 
  • Applique scissors come with duckbill blade and regular blade on either side 
  • Embroidery scissors have double-bend blades 
  • Come with sharp tips 

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7. AAProTools Set of 3 6” Scissors 

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Not just a set of two essential scissors, but this complete set also comes with a mini threat cutter that is 4.1” in length.

Together, this set contains everything you’ll need to cut your thread, shape and size your fabrics, trim your edges and everything else related to sewing, quilting, crafting and embroidering

The two scissors in this set from AAProTools are an embroidery scissor and an applique scissor. Both scissors are 6” in length and extremely durable.

The applique scissor is made from stainless steel and comes with a duckbill and an offset blade; the embroidery scissor, on the other hand, comes with double-curved blades made from stainless steel, perfect for cutting thread and fabric. 

As an added bonus, this set comes with a 4.1” long thread cutter, also made from stainless steel blades. Easy to handle, this thread cutter can cut through any thread or yarn in an instant.  

The embroidery scissors too is 6” in length and made from durable chrome-plated steel.

They come with double bend blades and a sharp tip, and are perfect for when embroidering to cut fabric and thread.   


  • Set of two scissors and a thread cutter 
  • Both scissors 6” in length 
  • Thread cutter us 4.1” in length and made from stainless steel 
  • Scissors made from durable stainless steel 
  • Applique scissors have duckbill and offset blades 
  • Embroidery scissors have double curved blades 
  • Blue thread cutter with plastic body 
  • Durable and long lasting blades 

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8. ONTAKI Mini Applique Craft Scissors 

Smaller than most other applique scissors, this applique scissor from ONTAKI is only 5” in length whereas most other scissors are at least 6” in length.

With two circular and large finger holes, this mini applique scissor fits most sewing boxes and work table drawers.

Because of the duckbill paddle-like blade on one side, it is easier to trim unwanted edges off your fabric with this scissor.

The same scissor can also be used to cut thread and yarn, as well as felt paper, paper and all types of fabrics.    

Made from premium carbon steel, this applique scissor comes with a straight handle and two different blade types: duckbill blade and offset blade.

The scissor comes with an adjustable screw, which allows you to adjust the tension of the blades with a regular screwdriver. 

This is a durable and long-lasting scissor from ONTAKI that you will be able to use for a long time, even with regular use. 


  • Mini applique scissor perfect for most tasks 
  • 5” in size 
  • Comes with a duckbill and an offset blade 
  • Made from premium carbon steel 
  • Straight handles and sharp blades 
  • Sharp tip of offset blade 
  • Circular, wide finger holes 
  • Adjustable screw to adjust tension 
  • Durable and long lasting product 

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9. Havel’s Double Curved Applique Scissors

This is a 5¾” long applique scissor from Havel that comes with a double curved handle, which is absolutely perfect for reaching into great lengths and squeezing into tight spaces.

This is a simple pair of scissors that can be used for cutting threads or fabric, and even for trimming edges off your applique pieces. 

With rounded tips instead of sharp ones, these scissors are safe to use and will last a long time. 


  • 5¾” long applique scissor 
  • Comes with a double curved handle
  • Perfect for cutting and trimming 
  • Rounded tips 
  • Silver color 
  • Perfect for tight and small spaces 

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What is the Purpose of Applique Scissors?

Yes, technically, regular scissors can be used in applique, but they will not give the user the best results.

This is why special scissors are needed for appliqueing, known as applique scissors. 

Applique scissors are smaller than regular scissors, not more than 6” in length. Some applique scissors can also be smaller than 6”, i.e. the  ONTAKI Mini Applique Craft Scissors which is only 5” in length.

These scissors are small so that they don’t accidentally damage the main fabric when attempting to trim the edges of the applique pieces. 

Applique scissors, unlike regular scissors, don’t have sharp and straight blades. At least, one of its blades is shaped like a duckbill, rounded and thick.

They are known as duckbill blades and they are present in all applique scissors, no matter the size.

These duckbill blades are necessary to trim the edges of applique fabrics after they have been stitched to the main fabric, but before another final satin stitch is applied to the applique pieces. 

Because of the unique duckbill blade of these applique scissors, the user can trim very close to the stitched line of the applique fabric pieces and not damage any of the fabrics or the stitches. 

The duckbill blade is what’s most special about an applique scissor.

The duckbill blade is usually inserted between the two layers of fabric that are stitched together, and after trimming, both the stitch and the fabrics will be completely safe and unharmed from the sharp blade of the scissors. 

Without an applique scissor, it is indeed possible to trim off unwanted fabric from your applique, but it will also damage the stitches and both the fabric.

The purpose of an applique scissor is that you won’t have to worry about anything getting damaged, and the work will be completed in only a few seconds at best. 

How Do You Cut Embroidery Applique? 

If you are using embroidery in your applique, the technique to trim off the excess edges is the same as when you are using fabric appliques.

Because there will be a lot more stitches involved in an embroidery applique, it is important to be extra careful with the blades. 

Now, applique scissors are specially designed so that no stitches are damaged when trimming the extra fabric off.

If your desired area is closed off by a sturdy stitch, the outer fabric can be easily trimmed off with a pair of applique scissors.

If you are using an applique scissor, there’s no need to worry about the stitches or the fabrics getting damaged in the process.

Just remember to keep the duckbill blade inside the applique area, and the extra part can be easily trimmed in a few seconds. 


Although it is possible to use a regular scissor to trim off the excess parts of your applique, there will always be the risk of accidentally cutting off a stitch or poking a hole in your fabric.

However, with the right pair of applique scissors in your hands, that is almost impossible to happen.

Therefore, it is very important that every quilter and experienced sewing expert have the right pair of applique scissors in their work table or sewing box.   

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